Legend of Heroes coming to PSPs

Bandai is bringing an epic RPG to Sony's handheld; turn-based game is lining up more than 50 hours of gameplay.


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In a recent poll on GameSpot, readers were asked what genres of games they would like to see more of on the PSP. More than a third of the responses asked for more PSP role-playing games, easily besting several other standard genres.

Apparently, this is a case of "ask and ye shall receive," as the 14,977 gamers who voted for RPGs are getting their wish with Bandai's announcement today. The company will release The Legend of Heroes, an RPG from developer Nihon Falcom (Ys: The Oath in Felghana), on the portable this summer in North America. The Legend of Heroes is a port of the Japanese PC game Eiyuu Densetsu IV: Akai Shizuku.

Bandai is promising more than 50 hours of gameplay, which is enough to keep PSP players wishing they were always on the go. There will also be more than 100 unique characters illustrated by famed artist Minako Iwasaki.

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