Legend of Dragoon Released

This anticipated adventure role-playing game is now available in the US.


The Legend of Dragoon

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced the release of Legend of Dragoon for the PlayStation. Available on four discs, this role-playing adventure features more than 40 minutes of FMV, 650 pre-rendered backgrounds, more than 80 hours of gameplay, nine playable characters, and the ability to transform into Dragoons. The combat system, known as "additionals," lets players string together a series of attacks in one sequence.

"The Legend of Dragoon is one of the most magnificent and extraordinary role-playing adventure games to be released for the PlayStation game console," said Ami Blaire, director of product marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America. "With its stunning cinematic graphics and deeply, involving gameplay, The Legend of Dragoon will captivate both hard-core and novice gamers alike."

The story follows a young adventurer named Dart who sets out to avenge the death of his parents. In his quest to destroy the "Black Demon," he must rescue his friend Shana, interact with and battle characters from other races, and understand the power of the Dragoon.

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