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Legal Discussions Underway Over CM Punk's Inclusion in WWE 2K15

However, people connected to the matter assure disputes have not led to a lawsuit.

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Legal representatives for pro-wrestler CM Punk are engaged with WWE officials to settle a range of disputes, including his possible removal in the upcoming game WWE 2K15, GameSpot can confirm. Sources connected to the matter explain that a variety of topics are being discussed with the former WWE champion, who famously departed from the company while under contract in January.

A range of outcomes could materialize from these talks, such as the removal of CM Punk from the game, or indeed his unlikely return to the company. Both matters are routinely speculated online, despite their contradiction with each other, and neither has been confirmed by WWE.

Despite CM Punk's retirement, publisher 2K Games recently used the wrestler's name as part of a promotion for its upcoming WWE 2K15 title. In fact, CM Punk's rivalry with fellow wrestler John Cena is being publicized as a flagship feature for the new title.

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This is one of the matters under dispute, and talks between both teams will now determine whether CM Punk remains in the game, and what business agreement can be arranged between both parties.

However, GameSpot understands that--in contrast with widespread speculation--there is no "lawsuit" underway. At the time of going to press, both parties are negotiating a number of topics, which means that it is still possible that a dispute could be taken to a judge, but the matter has not progressed to that stage yet.

Spokespersons for 2K games and WWE declined to comment when approached by GameSpot.

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