Legacy of Kain game world name appears on Steam database and AMD patch logs

Patch logs and database made mentions "War of Nosgoth" and "Nosgoth".


A new game based on the Legacy of Kain series may be in the works. The word "Nosgoth", which was the name of the world where the franchise was set in, appeared on the database of Valve's digital distribution tool Steam.

The last Legacy of Kain game was inspired by Devil May Cry.
The last Legacy of Kain game was inspired by Devil May Cry.

According to the database report (via Polygon), the last recorded update was on May 27. The words "Nosgoth and "War for Nosgoth" were also mentioned on an AMD driver patch log, possibly hinting at an upcoming game based on the franchise. User Corlagon posted details on the log on the Eidos forums.

The Legacy of Kain series was set in the dark realm of Nosgoth and focused on two vampires, Kain and Raziel. The series started with Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, a 1996 PlayStation title developed by Silicon Knights, and ended with Legacy of Kain: Defiance, a 2003 action game developed by Crystal Dynamics.

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