Left Behind sales lagging

Publisher's first quarter with revenue to report yields more than $2 million in sales, $4 million in losses.


After more than four years, Left Behind Games has posted its first dollars of revenue--more than 2.2 million of them, in fact.

Yesterday the publisher announced its financial results for the quarter ended December 31, 2006, and it posted sales of just over $2.2 million. The entirety of that sum was due to sales of Left Behind Games' first product, the PC real-time strategy game Left Behind: Eternal Forces, which launched in mid-November.

However, the publisher still spent more than it brought in for the quarter, resulting in a net loss of more than $4.1 million for the three months. That brings its total losses since inception to more than $31 million.

Despite that deepening hole, Left Behind Games expects to turn the corner and become profitable in less than a year. In related news, the publisher today announced that it has begun distribution of its game to South Africa and has "numerous" overseas distribution agreements lined up.

Eternal Forces is based on the best-selling Christian fiction book series of the same name, which has spun off into multiple side series and a feature film starring Kirk Cameron. The game was released to disparaging comments from game critics and Christian groups alike, but Left Behind Games has not been dissuaded. The publisher is planning an expansion pack for the game for a September release, and a true sequel developed with the aid of RTS specialists Big Huge Games after that.

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