Left Behind gets expanded

Add-on pack for religious real-time strategy game adds more characters from series of novels.


While it already confirmed a second coming for its PC real-time strategy series last week, Left Behind Games today announced that it is also working on an expansion pack for its debut game, Left Behind: Eternal Forces. Scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2007, the expansion continues the storyline of its predecessor and introduces new characters from the series of religious novels that inspired it. Left Behind Games has also said it will be releasing free game updates for Eternal Forces.

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Haven't played the first, but with all that opposition, even from the conservative factions - it's got DON'T TOUCH all over it. Christianity ain't like this

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I haven't even played the first one, so I won't be playing this. I didn't expect that there would be an expansion either

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What Left Behind so successful? Then why are they doing an expansion pack?

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RE: Vyse86-AAAAHHHME!!!!BRO!!!! ive been telling many people(science and athiests alike) the very same thing for awhile now. and those that would actually still try to argue after that are just....well....just what 2 PETER said they would be...."willingly ignorant". you know, ignorant is not a bad word, it just means ya dont know....but to be WILLINGLY ignorant says that they....dont want to believe. anyway, if anyone has a problem with a game like this....and the same ones find it ok to release games like GTA that promote all that it promotes..you kinda have to wonder what kind of people would rather promote sex, drugs, killing, prostitution, ect....over what left behind will offer.....LOVE. i really dont even have to argue this at all, because anyone that would argue what i JUST said....i wonder what kind it would take to do so......scary if you think about it. and as far as the creation vs evolution debate....i feel sorry for anyone still clinging on to the big bang and evolution theory, since both have been...well...dismissed by the very ones that promote it...the science world(yet it is still taught in schcools as fact)......something wrong with that picture huh? ohhh and you know what they are calling the event that started the universe....your gonna love this..they(the science world) now calls the once "big bang"...the "PRIME MOVER"....LloLOlooLool. ok sciecne world...i know you can do this...its an easy word..say it with me...GOD( or whatever word each tongue or language calls it). you see, the science world changes...daily...from one generation to the next. how can anyone put thier faith in something THAT wishy washy. and the very words that they are trying to dismiss(the bible) have never changed in almost 5000 years(source: the discovery of the red sea scrolls proved that one.....that the transelation of the so called "words written by man that cant be true"........have stood the test of time...and remained UN TOUCHED in its transelations. what it all comes down to is....if we(believers) are all wrong...then you none believers, when dead, will just...be that...no biggy....but...if we are right 50/50......................p.s. response from ALBERT EINSTEIN when asked if he believed in GOD-"well....who can really know for sure(faith)...but...i would be pretty stupid NOT to....just incase." i rest mine. love you all....really

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On the contrary, sept2788, the belief that Earth, the creatures and plants living on it and the galaxy it resides in, not to mention the countless other galaxies and solar systems out there, are the product of some completely random event with no intelligent design whatsoever takes a great deal more faith then the concept of a Creator or "man in the clouds" designing it all. The rules really aren't all that hard to follow either, plus there is the whole concept of forgiveness.

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Wheres the mmorpg of this cuz i'm tellin you I will totally convert you in the battlegrounds.

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The fact is theres a huge market for these types of games. I was at a presentation where the CEO was soliciting money from Angel investors. He had people drooling with the potential for a product like this. But it just goes to show you it doesn't matter what the "theme" of a game is, if the gameplay is no good, the game is no good. btw I think it's hilarious its listed as Genre: Sci-Fi. Hehe God is science-fiction??

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Biggest waste of money? That's right, Left Behind. What's next, the Passion? "Play as Jesus and learn to carry wood on your back, spout out phrases like 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone'before Jesus picks up a rock and chucks it at the devil." maybe I'm just not excited because I am a jew...

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-Vise86 I'm sorry but nothing takes "more faith" than the belief that there actually is some man that lives in the clouds that sentences you to eternal damnation because you don't follow his rules

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If they can patch the game to the point in which anyone would consider it "good" on a gameplay level, I'll give it a shot, but not while it sucks this bad. Maybe the Age of Empires engines will allow them to focus on good gameplay better.

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Well, I certainly must disagree with thegamegrappler. Christians didn't "steal" holidays from pagans, they simply changed the reason they were held. Christmas used to be a pagan holiday but the Christian church decided it would be a good as time as any to celebrate the birth of Christ so they kept the day, changed the point. And there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Jesus had children with Mary and there is a line of descendants. Thats pure fiction and takes a great deal more faith to believe in. I certainly don't believe I've been "brainwashed" in any way.

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I'm a devout Christian, and I'd really like a game that represents our religion well...this isn't it. I've played this, and under no circumstances would I even think of finding it preferable to good RTS games like Age of Mythology and Warcraft III. Game developers don't understand that a "Christian" game doesn't have to slam you with Jesus; a nice, wholesome, good game with nice themes does the job too. As I said, I'm a big Christian, but I don't believe the way to approach good sales is my slamming non-believers with "OMG the world is ending save me Jesus". That's why they don't like Christianity in the first place. I just really hope that some time in the future we'll see a Christian game that's actually fun.

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Sargus - well said.

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I still say that Myst is the only "Christian-safe" game that's worth anyone's time... It's secular, of course, by was made by two pastor's kids, and Rand Miller has given a pretty cool interview with a Christian site. It's games like that that need to be the "Christian mainstream" games. Adventure games and maybe RPGs. Not this RTS, not the horrible, horrible FPS games where you wield a sword that can shoot stuff, and certainly not "Dance Praise". Religious games could be good... But only if their developers will stop being idiots.

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Dominae put it quite nicely. I just find the game kind of annoying as it makes Christianity something of a joke, which wasn't the intention but happened anyway. So far, no good way to make a Christian video game has been found and this one is no exception.

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Waahaahahaha.... Never heard of this game before, just read the review and it looks like a really hilariously funny game! Women can only be nurse, "evil rockers"... ha ha ha... What? They're actually SERIOUS about this?!? :(

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Ghetto_ninja: I don't protest those games. And on a side note, I agree with most reviewers concerning this game. It's a game based on religion, . . . . so what? So many other games have deeply "spiritual" tones to them (RPGs, God of War, heck, even Star Wars). Someone just decided to make one based on a currently practiced one. Sure, the game is a glitchy piece of crap, but the idea of conversion vs. destruction is a very interesting one. And besides, Sid Meier put world religions in his game (Civ) and no one cried out. Get past it people. Games have gratuitous violence and sex now, so what's wrong with religious exclusivism? It was bound to happen.

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Ghetto_ninja: Most of the protests are actually coming from secular-progressives with legislative authority, not Christians. See, for example: Hillary Clinton, Herb Kohl, Joe Lieberman, etc,

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Ugh, please, for the love of all good things on this Earth, stop making religious based games, just stop!

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Is there a God Mode cheat? Sorry, it just had to be asked... :)

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I'll won't protest this game if christians stop protesting the ones i like.(God of War, GTA, DOOM)

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Andy639_basic "Seriously, if they want to make a good Bible game, they should do something based on the Old Testament. There was plenty of violence in those days to make great game-fodder. David vs Golaith boss-fight for the win!" Agreed, and i thought they were going to make one that would be a free roam like oblivion but based on the time period before the flood

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Never played it before.

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Wow, they must have a lot of left over money in the collection plate to be able to release such trash again....and again.

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I hope they expand it to be like C&C and allow you to play as the enemy. That would kick ass to play as Satan.

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Seriously, if they want to make a good Bible game, they should do something based on the Old Testament. There was plenty of violence in those days to make great game-fodder. David vs Golaith boss-fight for the win!

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third. Anyway that was a weird game.

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cool, hopefully they can clean up some of hte crap and the bugs to make it an actually fun RTS

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oh no, they won't make another one?! Okay, games are fine, but when they put some kind of religion themed thing where not believing in jesus christ and such is evil, it crosses the line IMO.