Left Behind Games praises support

Publisher of Christian-themed RTS says "numerous ministries" have endorsed its game; <i>Left Behind</i> author calls it "the greatest invention...to reach this generation."


"The greatest invention...to reach this generation."

The PC game Left Behind: Eternal Forces has been in the gaming headlines since just before its release--but unfortunately not for stellar gameplay or sales success. Left Behind, published by Left Behind Games, is a Christian-themed real-time strategy game for the PC, based on the popular novels of the same name written by authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

Several groups, including Christian and Islamic organizations, have slammed the game for promoting intolerance and violence against different faiths. However, in December, Left Behind Games CEO Troy Lyndon told GameSpot, "The reality is that everyone who is throwing stones, they literally have never played the game because literally 100 percent of their claims are bogus."

Lyndon's company released a statement today saying the Left Behind has "received accolades from a large coalition of church and ministry leaders." The statement points out that "numerous ministries," such as Focus on the Family, Women of Faith, Promise Keepers, and Concerned Women for America, have endorsed the game.

But the biggest praise came from LaHaye, who said, "This game is the greatest invention developed in my lifetime to reach this generation."

Left Behind Games is currently working on a Left Behind expansion pack and full-fledged sequel. For more information, read GameSpot's previous coverage.

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