Left Alive Delayed, New Release Date Announced For Japan

Still alive.


Left Alive, the third-person shooter set in the Front Mission universe, has been given a new release date. The title was originally set to launch in 2018, but during the pre-Tokyo Game Show PlayStation Lineup Tour event a new February 28, 2019 release date was confirmed. This date, however, is just for the Japanese release and a western date has not been revealed yet.

A trailer shown at the event provided some new details on the game. It is set in the fictional city of Novo Slava and takes place in December 2127. Novo Slava looks to have been ravaged by an unexpected attack, and people are just trying to survive amidst the chaos. At one point in the video, a condemned criminal designated D105U is mentioned.

"Humanity has learned nothing from its mistakes," reads a bit of text. As previously mentioned, survival is a key part of the game, as is saving citizens, and a voice over stresses this while scenes of giant mechs tearing through the city play. The game will focus on multiple characters, all who have their own perspectives on the events of the game.

"In this struggle for survival, three lives are laid bare, each with their own stories, their own missions, and their own paths to salvation," the trailer says. These three characters are featured on the game's key artwork, which was created by Yoji Shinkawa, the artist known most for defining the look of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Shinkawa is serving as character designer on Left Alive.

Shinji Hashimoto, meanwhile, is Left Alive's producer. He has worked on the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises. Joining Shinkawa and Hashimoto are Toshifumi Nabeshima, director of the Armored Core series, and Takayuki Yanase, mech designer on Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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Ah yes, so Front Mission fans have to wait a little longer to be slapped in the face.

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There's like two games that I am getting this year and it's Shadow of the Tomb Raider and My Hero Ones Justice for the Xbox... As for next year, maybe like 3 games?? Crack down 3, Metro Exodus and possibly Tales of Vesperia?? I know there was a couple more but that's it for now..

"Xbox One X for the definitive version with free Sync"

Lol, had to do it! 😄

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come on... show us some gameplay already!

i love me some front mission. i know this is not the classic, turn-based style we were hoping for, but i am still remaining cautiously optimistic for this one!

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2019 is going to be JAM PACKED!

I think I’m going to have to get another job.


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@videogameninja: Too many games releasing in February/March tbh. I think they are afraid of Red Dead Redemption and broketober

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@gamingdevil800: Broketober!



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@gamingdevil800: Feb 22nd is just insane !!!!!!!!!!!