Left 4 Dead prequel in the works - Report

E3 2012: Payday: The Heist dev Overkill Software reportedly working on game that explains origin of zombie outbreak before Valve's original 2008 survival shooter.


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LOS ANGELES--In Valve's 2008 zombie shooter Left 4 Dead, players faced an onslaught of undead, but how did these nasty creatures get there in the first place? According to a new report at CVG, a Left 4 Dead prequel is in development at Payday: The Heist studio Overkill Software, and will explain that very question.

A Left 4 Dead prequel would explain how this scene came to be.
A Left 4 Dead prequel would explain how this scene came to be.

No further information is available on the project, and as of press time, neither Valve nor Overkill Software had responded to GameSpot's requests for comment.

Late last month, Overkill Software announced a partnership with Valve for Left 4 Dead, though it was not explicitly clear what the two companies were working on together. At the time, Overkill described the project as an "in-depth" collaboration and a "very cool blend of Payday and Left 4 Dead."

The latest entry in the Left 4 Dead franchise was 2009's Left 4 Dead 2, which was developed by Valve and published by Electronic Arts. If Overkill is in fact working on a Left 4 Dead prequel, it won't be the only project the Swedish studio is building. A Payday: The Heist sequel is also in development.

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Glad I held back on getting games, L4D2 is gonna be dirt cheap now, will still buy it new though because this company is one of the few companies left that I can respect.

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left 4 dead was cool good to get it out now and again and play through a campaign. just did not like idiots online that just look to kick people all the time.

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I couldn't get into L4D. Too repetative for me. Although I have a friend who doesn't like shooters but he likes L4D. It's probably more the zombies than anything else. He is a huuuuuuuuge zombie fan.

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They've got my interest.

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Valve should make a sequel but its been years since the last L4D

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Left 4 Dead 2 was NOT published by EA. I'm just saying.

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This is already confirmed as false, please update your story. Valve announced they arent working on a left 4 dead prequel, but they are working together.

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The only way people will play this next game for as long as they played L4D 1 and 2 is if they continue to allow user-generated content. That is what kept t the first and second one going for as long as it did..

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L4D2 was good for a little while, but quickly went bargin bin, very cheap. Now it's not even being produced anymore. I think this franchise is pretty stale. It's going to take a bold move to get people to pay full price for the next one.

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this sounds great i really love both left 4 dead games but i prefer left 4 dead 1 over 2. i also have played payday, its good but not as good as left 4 dead no way near. the idea of payday was good but the team ai was really bad they never picked me up if i went down and if they had ammo bag or medic bag they never dropped them, but payday online is much better as it removes the rubish ai and that makes the game feel so much better. so the only things i ask for this is;

1. please let us have left 4 dead 1 survivors back ( i hear this game is a prequal to left 4 dead 1 so bill will live again)

2. overkill please oh god oh god make sure the ai is a lot better in this game

3. valve dont let overkill ruin this game series

4. be more left 4 dead then payday

5. if its a cross over dont do anything stupid like cops and zombie robbers or robbers and zombie police

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@MUKUSS If you're looking for those things, you'll want to play a different game. Needing to rely on teammates and feeling so helpless and afraid of specials is what makes Left 4 Dead fun, interesting, and unique. Breaking free of infected would just make the player feel like a tank, and there's plenty of games that will do that.

I am a little disappointed that they used a beta screenshot from L4D2 though. Why? The game's been out for a long time, there's no reason to use an old, dumpy screenshot with pre-release polish.

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Well I hope they add in a way where the players can break free when a smoker,hunter,witch & others holds you down...it sucks waiting for someone to come and free you up...plus be able to hold more stuff in our inventory like extra pipe-bombs ect...

Avatar image for WCK619

@MUKUSS you're seriously mistaken. L4D is primarily a teamwork game. Needing teammates to free you from special infected was done on purpose. Same thing with the inventory. If you want to have more pipe bombs, and molotovs readily available, you need to distribute them across your team. Everyone needs to do their part and work together in order to succeed. The problem with this is that you really need a good team. Which means having friends with mics who know how to play and work well together. Playing with silent randoms is a total crapshoot.

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@WCK619 Well,hope about some zombie dogs and have a stage set in vegas...just a thought:):)

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I love L4D but naturally it has no story, so the idea of a story based L4D intrigues me. I just hope it's not more of the same...L4D 1&2 were great, but now I'm looking for something new in the formula

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Definitely interested! :)

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I like Left 4 Dead, but I prefer Half-Life a little more.

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well we already know how left 4 dead came to be now.... its because of bath salts!!!

Avatar image for hadlee73

@monson21502 That's why a prequal is needed. So they can incorporate that into the story :P

Avatar image for thenephariouson

As long as it provides the same multiplayer adrenaline rush as L4D 1&2 im in.

Avatar image for toddx77

Another excuse not to work on Half Life 3 lol

Avatar image for GamerLegend10

@toddx77 I dont know why they keep putting it off, its the best thing they have...but if they leave it too long all the new gamers wont even recognize the name Half Life.

They need to hurry up with HL3 and get the series going again before those of us who actually remember it give up hope.

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I wondered how the outbreak started, and wondered if you would ever fix it, or erradicate all of the zombies, but truth be told, once you start shooting them, you start to not really care anymore. It then just becomes a matter of survival. I kinda like that your characters don't really know what is going on, and that they just want to get the heck out of there. There really is no need to expound on why there are zombies everywhere, just shoot em in the face and be done with it.

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well its about time they announced another left 4 dead game

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They can keep making these forever and I will keep buying them.

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I grow tired of this franchise, hope they bring something new to the table...

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...sooo the e-comic they released turned video game?

Avatar image for DarthJoe77

@smushypumpkins that comic was good :)

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Sweet!! Left 4 Dead is one of my favorite series and I have always wanted to know the back story on the outbreak.

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After Dead Island, Left for Dead was exposed as the shallow, linear, boring game is always was.

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@AlabamaFan92 Dead Island was just how you described Left 4 Dead except it has most of the reviews to actually back up its short comings. Left 4 Dead may not have been fun for some people and I can respect that opinion but its a bit of a stretch to say it was that bad when compared to Dead Island.

Avatar image for GamerLegend10

@Takeno456 Really, its that bad? was watching a friend play it for a bit and it seemed quite good, accept combat seemed a little repetitive.

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@ALCHEMYSTO L4D2 was not simply a reskin. It was a straight up expansion... it more than doubled the content of the first game, and even eventually included the entire first game. After the dust settled, L4D1 looked more like a demo for L4D2 than anything else.

Avatar image for Poodger

@ALCHEMYSTO Which is far more than games like Call of Duty can say

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Sounds like it could be fun. Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 claimed hundreds of hours of my life, according to my steam stats. They were addictive and fun, but the games got stale as the community thinned out. Hopefully another entry in the series will bring a surge of people back into the games, bringing back my excitement to play.

Avatar image for jessie82

kewl hope its not the cliche biological laboratory outbreak

Avatar image for 7C7R7N7

Left 4 Dead 1 will be included in the pack?

Avatar image for CheeseRa

left 4 dead is a borefest

Avatar image for ziproy

I'm wondering if it plays the same as the others or is just Payday set in L4D land. Could be interesting, could be crap

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

being made by the team behind Payday.....sorry, Left 4 Dead or not I'll pass. Payday sucked, way overhyped and totally not worth the price of admission, I'll wait for Valve to do a proper sequel......or for the next Half life be it the next game or Episode 3.......

Avatar image for F0ZZY

how can there be a prequel to a game that had no story? i dont understand

Avatar image for syafiqjabar

@F0ZZY L4D had plenty of story. Read the things scrawled on the walls all over the game.

Avatar image for thereal-15-cent

Finally. 3 years has been too long....

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

Does this remind any one of you about this song which starts something like this "...one step forward two steps back" ;)

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Ooh that's nice valve we hate N3 also soo let's make Half life 4 and left for dead 4, NVM hope This prequel will be hard and more creepy than 2nd, then 1st game.

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Yep...this nails it...Valve doesn't like '3'.

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How about the god-damn DLC for Payday before you work on anoter IP or a friggin SEQUEL!

Avatar image for xwestsdeaznx

...not worth the weight.

Avatar image for MrHatnClogs

Valve: One......Two.......uhhhh.........

Gamers: Three!

Valve: Okay.....One.....Two...........Prequel!

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