Left 4 Dead invades factory

Valve and Turtle Rock Studios' co-op-heavy survival horror shooter attains gold status in advance of November 18 release on Xbox 360, PC.


Left 4 Dead

Citizens of the world be on notice: A zombie infestation is imminent. Dire news, indeed, but at least the coming invasion will be limited to the digital hemisphere of reality. Valve today announced that development has wrapped on the Turtle Rock Studios-developed Left 4 Dead, clearing the way for the game's November 18 release on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Valve also noted that PC gamers are now able to preload the game through Steam so they can jump into the fray at 12:01 a.m. EST next Tuesday. Steam preorderers will also receive a 10 percent discount on Left 4 Dead's $49.99 asking price. The Xbox 360 edition will list for the standard $59.99 price point.

A survival horror shooter, Left 4 Dead is set in modern-day North America, in which the remnants of a town attempt to blast their way through an ocean of zombies lest they become infected themselves. The frenetic shooter relies heavily on cooperative play and supports up to four players at a time in online modes. Valve and Turtle Rock's shooter also includes competitive modes, in which players can hunt or be hunted as part of both the human and zombie factions.

A demo for the game containing both single- and multiplayer modes is currently available for both Xbox 360 and PC gamers. However, those looking to try before they buy will need to act quickly, as the sampler will be taken offline upon the game's launch next week.

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