Left 4 Dead arises November 4

Valve-owned Turtle Rock Studios set to loose its horde of infected on the Xbox 360 and PC later this year.


When Turtle Rock Studios first announced its multiplayer-centric Left 4 Dead during the first few days of 2007, the studio made ambitious claims that the game would see daybreak on the PC during the first half of the year, and the Xbox 360 edition would arrive that winter. That estimation proved to be ill-founded, and by the time Valve purchased Turtle Rock nearly a year to the day after the game's announcement, Left 4 Dead's release on both platforms had been pushed to 2008.

While the game's development turned out to resemble more the lumbering living dead of lore, rather than the frenetic menace the game espouses, a date for dismemberment has finally been set. Speaking with GameTrailers, Left 4 Dead project lead Mike Booth revealed the game would shamble forth simultaneously for the Xbox 360 and PC on November 4. In addition to the Xbox 360 game's retail release, the PC version will be available for download through Valve's online digital delivery service, Steam.

Left 4 Dead is a survival horror game in which players must work cooperatively to fend off "the infected." Powered by Valve's Source engine, the game is set in a modern-day America, where the remnants of a town attempt to blast their way through an ocean of zombies lest they become infected themselves. In addition to a four-player online co-op mode, the game features competitive play, where players can voluntarily cast their lot as part of the undead horror.

For a more in-depth look at Left 4 Dead, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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This is definitely, in my opinion, going to be in contention for GOTY Me and my friend have been waiting to kill zombies together

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What? This game is nothing like dead rising. Have you even seen the videos?

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Yea this should be the equal 2 dead rising 2

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Finally! Ive been waiting so long for this:D Please oh please have a pre order thing on steam where i can download the game a week early and then play straight on release! My internet is terrible:P

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and for the record, Gamespot posted an article some weeks back about how they review things (because people say reviews are biased). In that article they stated that any game hyped as much as halo 3, mgs4, etc will automatically get an 8, unless it is pure junk. SO that right there means you only have 3 areas to fall in (9, 9.5 and 10), given the hype of the game. So by no means do I trust any reviews that I read from now on. Its all just marketing to make you think you are a missing out on something.

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that IP sounds sweet

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man I love Valve.

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cant wait :D

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I really like the look of the game, creepy, dark, and CO-OP! Yay! I will force my friends to get this game and it would be a blas!

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Game looks seriously dope! It's more like 28 days later than your old codeine induced ragamuffins.

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@beaver ben..............dude .u stole my avatar pic.!!! i though i was the only one who had it. this is terrible. I have to change it now.lol. j/k on-topic left 4 dead looks fun but im not 100% sure of its awesomeness yet.

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Zombies!!! Something about murderizing zombies just never gets old.

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*jumps for joy and goes to preorder both 360 and PC versions*

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Oh, what a surprise, another fanboy war is being waged here as well. Man, this crap never gets old and never stops. Anyways, this game looks great. I love zombie games. My favorite definitely has to be Dead Rising:)

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its basically a mod turned game in my view. counter strike source has had this zombie mob going on for quite some time.

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Can't wait for this game. hope its fun to be a zombie tho, most games its lame ._. this game should be fun anywayz :D

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With the possible exception of Ubisoft, no other dev comes close to Valve in my eyes.

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Any game concerning 'Valve' automatically gets my attention.. Can't wait !

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Brains Brains Brains uuuuhhhhhh... I cant wait. Oh ya brother! More zombie action. Its about time.

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Finally! It is going to be so much fun

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Exellent! Been looking forward to this for a long time. The fact that its been influenced by Valve (my favourite Dev) surely means this will be a great game, i love the Team survival aspects which make this different to any other game. Bring it on!

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Gears2 and this will make sure my 360 sees some love this year...

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This is good news. :D

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Oh ya some intense action zombie killing fun. cant wait!

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XBOX 360 gets the best games from PC! So many titles I'm looking forward to this year. Microsoft knew what they were doing when they made XBOX 360 easily PC portable. And, you guys better shoot the zombies off me.

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Oh yes, we have a date! This should be one intense game, can't wait

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Awesome news! !

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ratix2 "half-life is literally one of the two most important fps's in gaming history, in dead heat with id's doom" Hey, You forgot Goldeneye!

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I can not Wait!!!!! Like urban dead but way cooler.

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so aleast after the release of this game can we expect some updates on HL Episode3 ? no announcements yet.. it'll probably arise in 2009 :(

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odd, seeing as both halo and gears have higher scores on gamerankings and metacritic, but whatever. in any case this is a news item about left 4 dead, not mgs4. and scared-snow: no, it doesent have crossplatform, for that to happen it would have to use games for windows live, which its not using.

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enough to say its from Valve.

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This actually sounds pretty cool! Is there cross platform play?

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I just love zombie stuff. I dont know why i just do and am going to have to get this game.

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must be good but not enough to beat resident evil 5 huh !!!

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ratix2 to add i dont go by meta critic because it does leave out a lot of reviews, which is why i use gamestats, it uses more reviews(Generally)

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ratix2 actually i go by gamestats, they show a lot more reviews, including letter grade reviews, and Crysis has gotten a 6(i think its really a 7 but thats how gamestats transalte a 3/5 also MGS4 has gotten equal or better overall reviews than those games on gamestats.

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loucetios: if you are going by metacritic or gamerankings then i suggest you take into account that they do not account for every reviewer out there, and even some major (not as major as gamespot or ign mind you) review sites are not listed on either of those sites. both of those institutions go mostly by numerical or letter grade scores, something which many review sites do not not give out, instead opting to give an overall review or in the case of one review (which does hold quite considerable contempt for the game) a quick, 3 word synopisis of their feelings followed by the full review and why they feel that way. now you ask how it equals many others? simplay because ive read close to 3 times the number of reviews you give that say that the game is good but not great to holding the game in a ver low regard, and im quite sure that there are many more sites out there that feel the same way. thats how i get many others. and you mentioned how gears, crysis and halo all recieved scores in the 8s, but none of these games recieved scores lower according to metacritic, something they share in common with mgs4. but they also share another thing in commone, many of these review sites i speak of also rated all 3 of those games higher than they rated mgs4.

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The multiplayer sounds good, i just hope that the game will be great!

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ratix2 how does 5/34 reviews = many others? its true some people didn't like the game, but its overwhelming those that do. Hell Gears of War, Halo, Crysis and more have ALL gotten reviews in the 8s, sometimes lower. And last time i checked the lowest review for MGS4 is a 8.0(From Eurogamer no less) and a 8 is nowhere near outright contempt for a game.

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Pre-0rd3r3d.ZoMBi3Z!!!!!!!!!!!! RaaawRz.

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can't wait :)

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I hope I have a job by then so I can buy both the PC and the Xbox 360 version....then quit my job.

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Man I cant wait for this. I am obsessed with zombie like horror based games and movies. I just cant get enough of it. I saw the trailer or teaser to this game and it really got me.Why is it only for 360 and pc. They should cross this one with all systems to get more sales. Wii owners would like it with interactive controls [i dont own a wii] however it would be cool to see and it should be on ps3 as well. ill just get it for my 360.

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I might have to check this game out when it releases