Lee 'Jaedong' Jae Dong wins the Numericable M-House Cup #3

'The Tyrant' claims another 1st place finish before the end of 2013.


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Jaedong loves Europe and claims victory on the sun kissed beaches of Marseille at the third edition of the Numericable M-House Cup. Being one of the initial invites, the zerg from Korea was a heavy favorite going in to the tournament. His path to 1st place started off shakily however, as his old rival from Brood War, Park 'ForGG' Ji Soo beat him in the second game of the group stage. He still managed to advance from his group and promptly displayed his extreme knowledge of the ZvZ match up, dismantling his semi-final opponent Lee 'Curious' Won Pyo 3-0.

His opponent in the finals would be Samsung Galaxy Khan's recent showstopper Kang 'Solar' Min Soo, who quickly took two games off of Jaedong in the finals, but the EG players experience of climbing back in to a series was too strong as he promptly won four games in a row to defeat the upstart and earn himself €3000.

What's also to note was that the tournament decided to air four showmatches based on six of the competitor's previous esports titles of choice. This meant that Ilyes 'Stephano' Satouri played three games of WarCraft 3, winning all of them, and Jaedong challenged ForGG to a game of Brood War, which the zerg won.

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