Lee 'Flash' Young Ho and Song 'Stork' Byung Goo discuss SC2 in Korea with Daily eSports

Stork and Flash air their thoughts surrounding SC2


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Two of Brood War's most legendary players are working intently on shaping a rivalry between each other in the ongoing season of Proleague and discussed this in length in an interview with DailyeSports.com. Flash, who is widely considered the biggest BW star in history lamented the fact that GOM eXP aren't focusing as intently on the players' individual storylines.

To me, it feels that they’re using same amount of focus and energy for every single match. I can still recall the days when Reach made it back in to Starleague. When fans started going ‘It’s the return of the Hero’, OGN used Reach as the main model for their intro video. When fans saw the video of reach wearing his headset, that resembled himself back in 2002 when he won the OSL, they went nuts. That’s how you create a star. That’s how star-making should be done.

Both players were also adamant about discussing the impact of the South Korean airforce's eSports team Airforce ACE's dissolution, and how its abscence makes a transition to the army in the current-day eSports climate into an almost guaranteed death-knell to their careers as players.

Stork especially, considering his age of 25, which makes him one of the oldest active SC2 player in Korea, expressed regret over not applying. "I also thought multiple times that I could have easily continued my progamer life after finishing my army duties." Flash latches onto this trail of thought and wishes that he had considered the service when it was still available. "I didn’t think about it as much. In fact, since I was just becoming an adult by legal standards, I didn’t think about army at all. After turning 23, the pressure is finally starting to build up."

When the conversation finally reaches the point about what would be required for SC2's popularity to increase, Goo tells the reporter that he feels that Blizzard are neglecting the game and are not utilizing it to its full potential.

I also feel that Blizzard doesn’t care about SC2. There were many things announced such as level up system and unit skins at the launch of Heart of the Swarm, but they haven’t developed anything new since then, or haven’t added much to the original system. Shortly after the release of Heart of the Swarm, Heroes of the Storm was announced and Hearthstone came out. I think SC2 is the only game that’s been pushed following its annoucement. I heard that the CEO’s favorite game is StarCraft, but the treatment that it is currently receiving is the worst.

The translation of this interview was done by Alex 'Supernovamaniac' Kim, and can be read in full here.

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