Lee 'firebathero' Sung Eun leaves Gom eXp in favor of coaching Bigfile's LoL teams

After having commentated regularly for Gom eXp throughout the past year, firebathero has left the organisation in favor of coaching LoL.


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The infamous Lee 'firebathero' Sung Eun, king of ceremonies during his prime in professional Brood War and now a former commentator for Gom eXp, has decided to leave the broadcasting station in favor of pursuing a coaching position with Bigfile's League of Legends divisions.

Eun is not the first former BW pro who has transitioned in to a coaching role for a League of Legends team, as Hong 'YellOw' Jing-Ho, as well as Park 'Reach' Jung Suk have both worked within the coaching position for Xenics Storm and NaJin Black Sword respectively. Reach was also joined the Korean all-star team at last year's all-star competition in the coaching position.

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