Learn How Perfect Dark Came to Be in this Behind-the-Scenes Video

"The Making of Perfect Dark."


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The latest "Rare Revealed" video has been posted, this one diving deep behind the scenes of the creation and development of the beloved first-person shooter . It's a great video, stuffed full of interesting insight behind the 2000 Nintendo 64 game directly from some of the people who worked on it.

Among other things, the video talks about how Rare was originally planning to follow up GoldenEye 007 with another James Bond game based on the 1997 movie Tomorrow Never Dies. However, the studio was "dramatically outbid" by another company, and Rare went on to make Perfect Dark.

The developers in the video don't sound too bummed about this, as it allowed them to pursue things that would not have worked in the Bond universe, including a female hero and aliens. The Tomorrow Never Dies game, meanwhile, was published by Electronic Arts for PlayStation 2 in 1999.

Also in the video, the veteran game developers talk about the hardships they faced on Perfect Dark when roughly half of the Rare team left to form Free Radical.

Perfect Dark was released in 2000 for the Nintendo 64. It was re-released earlier this summer on Xbox One as part of a 30-game compilation pack called Rare Replay.

This video follows another Rare Revealed video that showed more off the game Dream, which would eventually become Banjo-Kazooie. Even more Rare Revealed videos are available here on YouTube.

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