Leaked Alien: Isolation screenshots already look better than Colonial Marines

Game said to star Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda.


Following an artwork leak earlier this week, it now seems like the first screenshots for upcoming Creative Assembly game Alien: Isolation have surfaced online.

The images, which appeared overnight on Twitter, are mostly interior shots and, crucially, the first glimpse of the series' iconic motion tracker. The dark, lifeless installation recalls a spirit closer to Ridley Scott's original Alien movie than James Cameron's marine-packing Aliens, with many of the franchise's game adaptations in the past trying to emulate the latter.

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A previous report for the game on Kotaku said that Creative Assembly is hoping to forge Alien: Isolation into a first-person mix of horror and stealth, with BioShock and Dishonored cited.

The game is said to revolve around Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda, who was mentioned briefly at the start of Aliens as having died at the age of 66 before Ripley was recovered by Weyland-Yutani.

Sega is not commenting on the Alien: Isolation leaks.

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