Leak Suggests New Lego Star Wars Game Coming Soon

I just need more Star Wars.

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It seems a new Lego Star Wars game is on the way. That's according to Skywalker Sound's Matt Wood, who let the news slip during an interview at Star Wars Celebration over the weekend. You can see part of the interview below.

No new Lego Star Wars game has yet been announced. However, Skywalker Sound is the audio company behind the Star Wars franchise and is owned by the brand's parent companies, Lucasfilm and Disney, so you'd expect it to know about upcoming projects in the series.

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Eurogamer reports it has independently heard word of a new Lego Star Wars project. Warner Bros., the Lego game publisher, did not immediately respond to GameSpot's request for more information.

The last Lego Star Wars game was 2016's Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, an adaptation of the 2015 film. Titles in the series go back to Lego Star Wars: The Video Game, which depicted the prequel trilogy and was released in 2005.

Another Star Wars game was revealed over the weekend. Named Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, it's a new melee combat game from Titanfall studio Respawn. It's coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 15.

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Avatar image for Wraith3

It's probably sequel crap instead of giving us Clone Wars sequels. Hell I'll play a Jar Jar dedicated Lego game and it would probably be more interesting.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

Barely anything happens in last jedi so who knows how they'll turn that into a game.

Avatar image for sippio

* G o o d G r i e f *

*I gamefly rented DC Villains for the switch.

Mainly for my wife & daughter since they liked

'The Lego Movie' game & loooved Lego Dimensions..

but my 11 year old daughter said

" this is crap!

and the story isn't good enough to warrant repetitive Lego gameplay"

*I got the game 100% for them on Switch & it's because I am bitter

FACT~~ Lego games are selling because parents/kids are desperate to play anything StarWars or SuperHero etc.

Most 5-10 year olds aren't allowed to play Battlefront or Injustice & still want to play StarWars etc...

***I think my girls only liked the Lego Movie game because of the comedy that made the movie so funny.

I can't deny it's a really funny Batman..

Avatar image for bdrtfm

They should have waited until the entire trilogy was completed instead of releasing a game for just the first movie. Lego has always been about trilogies or more when basing games off of movies. Lego the Force Awakens was just a cash grab. What really irked me was when they released Lego the Hobbit with the promise that The Battle of Five Armies would be released later as DLC. It never happened. Since then I no longer buy Lego games until they are discounted by 70% or so. Fool me once....