Leak Reveals More Retailer-Exclusive Amiibo Figures

Timmy and Tommy Nook, Ryu, and more.


New leaks have revealed more Amiibo figures, some of which will apparently be exclusive to various retailers. Perfectly-Nintendo has a roundup of the leaks, which appear to stem from retailer kiosks.

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The newly discovered toys include Timmy & Tommy Nook from the Animal Crossing series and a Famicom variant of R.O.B. In addition, the leaked images provide a first look at the Ryu and Roy Amiibo figures. What's more, Amiibo figures for other Animal Crossing characters, Rover and Kapp'n, have been outed.

According to the reports, the Timmy & Tommy Amiibo toys will be sold only at Target, while Roy will be exclusive to GameStop. This information is not confirmed at this point, though further details may come during December's Super Smash Bros.-specific Nintendo Direct broadcast.

These Amiibo leaks come just days after Nintendo officially announced new figures like a Gold Edition of Mega Man and Wolf Link. You can see the complete lineup of Amiibo figures here.

Nintendo has shipped more than 21 million Amiibo figures worldwide. The toys originally launched in 2014 alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and have since become a phenomenon.

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