League of Legends: Wild Rift North American Beta Has Been Announced

North American players will get to check Wild Rift out starting in March.


League of Legends' opening day stream for the 2021 season brought a ton of announcements for the game's future. One of these announcements was an update on the upcoming League of Legends: Wild Rift, which is a new mobile and console version of the popular MOBA. Additionally, players in North America will be able to try it out in March.

As stated in the stream, Wild Rift will feature its own version of the PC version's ARAM mode (where players are randomly assigned a champion in a one lane brawl), and will also be aiming to release an average of two champions a month throughout 2021. The first season of Wild Rift will start this year and will coincide with many of the PC version of League's events, including the Lunar Beasts New Year's event.

Other regions of the world have gotten to check out Wild Rift through various betas, but it has yet to arrive in North America. That will change in March when a North American open beta begins. Once the beta has started, players should be able to access the game from a variety of Android and iOS mobile devices, though it's unclear if console versions will be available at this time as well.

There were plenty of other updates in this stream as well, including the announcement of Viego, the Ruined King coming to the game as a playable champion. Two other champions, a mage and a marksman, were also teased, though players will have to wait on a future roadmap for more details on them. Doctor Mundo's update is also still in the works, and should be live sometime this spring. The designers have heard player's feedback that the original reimagining of Mundo's hair was too well-kempt, so his 'do has gone back to the drawing board. Players hungry for more League news in 2021 should keep their eyes peeled for future streams and roadmaps.

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