League of Legends team becomes first ever two time World Champions

And they only dropped one game in the whole tournament.

SK Telecom T1 has just solidified itself as League of Legends' first ever two time World Champion. After nearly four weeks of competition across Europe, the team went nearly undefeated, dropping only one game in the finals against the KOO Tigers.

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Even though SK Telecom T1 has two titles under its belt, the team is still relatively young. Its first debut as a League of Legends team was in 2013, with nearly half their roster made up of unknown rookies. At the time, there were little expectations for them to succeed.

And yet, the team didn't just meet expectations--they completely exceeded them. That same year, they went on to win the 2013 Season 3 World Championships with Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, one of the teams' breakout stars, leading the helm.

Faker returned to the Season 5 World Championship stage a season veteran, even cracking a few jokes after winning his second title. One of the jokes included eating a stalk of raw broccoli on stage. The reason? Prior to the games, a fan stated that his hair resembled the vegetable. Faker's response was that if his team won the World Championships, he would eat some broccoli on stage.

Turns out he's a man of his word.

Missed out on the action? You can watch the final series here on Lolesport's YouTube Channel.

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