League of Legends revenues for 2013 total $624 million [UPDATE]

League of Legends came in second in terms of revenue for F2P games, coming in behind South Korean FPS CrossFire.

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UPDATE: Following the publication of this story, a representative from Nexon reached out to clarify that their game, Dungeon&Fighter "surpassed the number one game, Crossfire, by a significant amount."

Although they're unable to provide specific revenue figures due to a contract with Tencent, the Nexon representative wrote, "If you were to take the figure stated in the Superdata report as net revenue and apply the industry standard 30% revenue share to the developer (as stated on page 25 of Deutsche Bank analyst Hanjoon Kim’s July 1, 2013 report), that would make the gross revenue for Dungeon&Fighter $1.4bn, exceeding Crossfire by over $450 million. While these are not our internal figures, I believe that this gives a good indication of the size of Dungeon&Fighter."

The original story appears below

League of Legends' revenues for 2013 totaled $624 million, making it the second top free-to-play game in terms of earnings, a report from SuperData reveals.

Coming in at the number one spot is CrossFire, a South Korean free-to-play first-person shooter which brought in $957 million in revenues during 2013. Tencent, which owns a majority stake in League of Legends developer Riot Games, publishes CrossFire as well.

Valve rounded out the top 10 list with Counter-Strike Online, which brought in $121 million, and Team Fortress 2 at the number nine spot bringing in $139 million.

Electronic Art's Star Wars: The Old Republic, which added a free-to-play option in 2012, took the number eight spot with a little more than Team Fortress 2, and less than Blizzard's World of Warcraft, which generated $213 in microtransactions alone (not counting subscription fees).

Last week we also reported that Blizzard was beefing up its microtransaction efforts in World of Warcraft, when it posted a pair of new jobs on its "Strategic Initiatives" team, calling for a director and manager for the company's new "Microtransaction Strategy" unit.

World of Tanks was fourth on the list with $372 million.

Overall, the digital games market in the United States (including social, mobile, DLC, free-to-play, and subscription) grew by 11 percent, reaching a total of $11.7 billion in sales during 2013. Mobile represented the biggest portion of the market with 26 percent, but free-to-play showed the greatest growth, increasing by 45 percent over last year. Meanwhile, revenues from social games dropped by 22 percent and revenues from subscriptions dropped by 21 percent.

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    www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WRdkUC1EC4 It's a Demo Games platform :)

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    << LINK REMOVED >> Why wouldn't this be news? You must have given quite a few fucks if you took the time to write a comment bitching about the article.

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    I'll have to check out the Dungeon Fighter Online game.<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>

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    Amazing that some of those games could make so much money. Dungeon & fighter and Crossfire look like games from the 90s.

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    Dungeon&Fighter, what a weird name&title for a game.

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    it would be interesting to see some Dota 2 numbers. that game is huge all over the world, and the most played game in Steam by a pretty big margin.

    Steam top 3:

    Current Peak Today Game

    571,173 634,532 Dota 2

    66,374 96,724 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    60,573 84,087 Team Fortress 2

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    << LINK REMOVED >> CrossFire has a CCU of 4 million, 634k don't seem that big compared to it.

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    << LINK REMOVED >>

    That is insane are those recent numbers?

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    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> there's pretty much always 500k dota players on steam at any given time

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    This is good news to me. I hope Blizzard is listening cause I would come back to WoW if it was free to play. Right now I'm enjoying Star Wars The Old Republic, though I am paying a subscription

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    << LINK REMOVED >> It will be a while yet before they go the FTP route. IE when subs drop below 1 - 2 million would be the point I would expect them to switch to FTP. Right now at 7 million subs paying 15 bucks each. Why would they switch to FTP?

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    Great for them , it is about making money. I haven't played many free to play games I believe the only one that I put money into was Tribes Ascend but that was more so because I felt they made a quality product and it was worth my money. I just hope all is fair and balanced , you should be able to compete online without having to pay or it won't work in the long run.

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    What ever console last 10 years?

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    The only thing I dislike about Free to Play is the name of the genre. It should be called Pay as You Play, which is a more accurate description.

    I have no problems with it, I have the restraint to keep from paying micro transactions, and I wind up getting a few hours out of them at the very least. I still haven't played a F2P game that I loved enough to pay money towards, but I imagine that will inevitably change at some point.

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    << LINK REMOVED >>Funny, you can get everything except cosmetic-only changes for free in LoL. People love to spread the opposite for some reason though. Guess they're haters hehe.

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    @GuillermoX @J_Dangerously Yes.. you can get the 100+ characters if you grind half your life away... LoL's system is quite outdated.


    Best examples of Free2Play are Path of Exile and DoTA 2.

    No wonder LoL earns so much.... I bet loads of people get fed up of grinding points to unlock characters, runes ect.

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    << LINK REMOVED >> Here's one thing people like you realize: you don't need all the champions. I've played the game for 2 years and ended up with over 2500 games, over 55 owned champions, 8 complete rune pages and scored platinum in Season 3, my first season of ranked play as well.

    Do you get every weapon and upgrade from the start in Call of Duty or Battlefield? No. The same applies here only that by playing you'll learn how the game, items and champions work. You'll end up liking some of the free champions and then permanently unlocking them.

    The game is incredibly complex and if it would give you access to everything from the start it would be incredibly confusing. How would you decide which champion to play out of the 100+? Getting 30 points to spend in a talent tree you don't understand and 30 runes that buff stats without knowing what each champion needs is stupid. By limiting them, it makes the learning curve a little less steep. By the time you reach level 30 you should be somewhere around 200 wins (assuming you'll have a .5 win/lose ratio that is 400 games) and will have a basic understanding of everything in the game. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    If you're simply a casual gamer, then simply check out the champions while they're free. 10 per week is more than enough, I assure you. If you're planning on going competitive, you'll end up playing just a handful of champions, in order to be effective. You won't need all of them because some aren't really worth it, while others won't fit your play style.

    If all you see in League is "Omg riot, gimme all champs pls, stupid pay2win game" then you're better off playing something else. In all the time I've spent with it, I haven't even played A LOT of the champions. I simply disliked them and felt no need to try them. I had over 50 and still only used about 10-15 regularly in ranked.I unlocked others simply because I had many points and I wanted to have them for certain match-ups or just fun.

    There was a time where I played only one champion, every day for like 2-3 weeks because he was considerably stronger after a patch and very few played champions to counter him. I didn't get bored either.

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    Dota 2 was in beta 2013. It can't go on that list.But it did make a lot of money this year for sure

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    << LINK REMOVED >> Should have spent that on Make-Up and plastic surgery. At least real people would admire them, well you know what I mean

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    << LINK REMOVED >> ur a freak lol

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    << LINK REMOVED >> i don't understand why someone would buy something in dota 2, everything looks the same

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    Wow, surprised DOTA 2 didn't make it in the chart. And I now see that there is a world of unexplored Asian games with hilarious revenues. Interesting.

    Also, check out my blog about gaming - << LINK REMOVED >>

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    LOL fanboys are in complete denial. The game is not "free". People spend their money to buy characters and experience points. This affects the game in a huge way.

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    << LINK REMOVED >>Amazing how you have a troll-face avatar, yet people still take you seriously and argue with you.

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    << LINK REMOVED >>

    have you even played LoL? I dont think you have.

    Every week you get 8 new champions you can try out even if you dont have them unlocked, if you like anyone of them, you can play a couple of games and then unlock it, you can even loose all your games and still unlock said champion, cause you earn points both from victories and defeats.

    Paying gets you skins for said champion or other cosmetic stuff, which doesnt affect anything more than looks.

    You can also pay to unlock a character.

    So, the difference between buying all champions for money vs not buying them and unlock them via gameplay is? NOTHING.

    And you cant BUY experience points for said champion or any champion.

    When you start a game, everyone is lvl 1, you cant buy power with money, you cant buy to level up faster, you cant buy items. you cant buy to gain gold faster.

    My friend has maybe bought 3 champions with real money, and he has unlocked ALL champions in the game, by just playing.

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    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> it takes an insane amount of time to unlock everything, you could say eve is free to play but you have to invest a ton of time into it. Any other game that does this insane grind versus paying is marked as crap.

    Feel free to look up my LoL profile if you want its Blicer, I only played the game a couple times since I quit (due to friends pushing me to) and meh Ill stick with dota 2 thanks.

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    << LINK REMOVED >> explain how since you seem to know something no one else does?

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    << LINK REMOVED >>Nope ... factually wrong.

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    @marcopolo426@nurnberg How is it not free when you have access to the FULL game without paying a single dime?

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    Not the same thing. even remotely.

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    << LINK REMOVED >> You don't have access to the full game... you have access to 10 random heroes FORCED on you each week.

    DOTA 2 ... on the other hand, does give you everything you need straight away. and doesn't have that failure of a leveling system attached.

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    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> 8 different characters every week on top of whatever you unlock yourself

    funny thing is last time i played CoD i didnt get every single weapon and unlock from the start i had to earn them same goes for LoL theres only one person in denial here

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    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> you dont have to pay to get the champions you idiot

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    << LINK REMOVED >> Having 4 characters out of 150 is not the full game, far from it.

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    Paying for characters have a huge influence on gameplay and so does buying experience points.