League Of Legends One For All Mode Returns

After two years in limbo, One For All returns to League of Legends for a limited time.


One For All is making a surprise comeback to Riot's League of Legends in patch 10.6. Previously, One For All was an arcade game mode wherein both opposing teams only have one champion each, with players needing to work together to take on the other team's single champion.

As you can imagine, having to work together in League of Legends is an ambitious notion, much less putting five players in control of the same champion at once and expecting a competent level of cooperation. Nevertheless, Riot is set on bringing the arcade mode back after a two-year absence, although only for a limited time.

The last time we saw One For All was April Fools Day in 2018. Since then, League of Legends has added eight new champions and been through a number of patches and balance changes. How this will affect One For All is yet to be seen, but some interesting strategies are sure to emerge from the game mode.

Original One For All strategies aren’t completely unusable, but older strategies are sure to resurface with the reemergence of the game mode. Ultimately it may even come down to old vs new in the first week of release.

Riot has promised to keep a close eye on the game mode, checking that no one champion becomes too over or underpowered in the mode. The whole point of One For All is cooperation, not just picking a strong champion every round. Balancing will be similar to the already existing changes on ARAM and URF.

One For All is currently available to play on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) and will go live alongside Patch 10.6 on March 18. League of Legends' Arcade games generally stick around for at least two patches, so check it out before the mode disappears again.

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