League of Legends Ocean Week Launches Exclusively in Oceania

Defend Oceania!


Riot Games has announced an Ocean Week event exclusively for League of Legends players on the Oceanic server. The event kicks off on January 23 and will finish on January 31. Players will be called upon to "defend" seven key locations.

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This is achieved by reaching a total number of required points for each location. Points are earned by winning a match-made game in League of Legends against other players (AI matches will not count). One point is rewarded per win. The seven cities that will be a part of this event are listed as follows:

  • Battle 1 (January 23 - 24): Melbourne
  • Battle 2 (January 25): Perth
  • Battle 3 (January 26): Adelaide
  • Battle 4 (January 27): Auckland
  • Battle 5 (January 28): Suva (Fiji)
  • Battle 6 (January 29): Brisbane
  • Battle 7 (January 30 - 31): Sydney

Each city that is saved will unlock a new reward tier for players on the Oceanic server. Rewards range from doubling the pool of free rotation champions to having the names of players who participated be recorded on a public mural in a major Oceanic city. In addition, Riot Games Oceania is hosting community competitions to tie-in with the launch of Ocean Week, including cosplay and fan art contests. For more information, check out the Riot Games OCE website.

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