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League of Legends now boasts 27 million daily players

That's more than double the number Riot Games reported in October 2012.

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Riot Games' hugely popular free-to-play MOBA League of Legends continues to grow. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the game now sees more than 27 million players every day, well above the 12 million announced in October 2012.

That's not the only number on the rise. Riot Games has now disclosed a peak concurrent player figure of 7.5 million people, which is up 50 percent from the 5 million number announced last year.

By comparison, the most popular game on Steam right now is the free-to-play DOTA 2, which counts 642,000 people playing simultaneously right now, just a fraction of the mark set by League of Legends.

Importantly, however, Riot Games has not disclosed any engagement-type statistics, like how many users are spending real-world money on the game. A report from SuperData this month suggested that League of Legends' revenues for 2013 were $624 million.

Not only is business booming for League of Legends, but employees appear to be happy. A recent workplace study found that 94 percent of employees at the Santa Monica, Calif.-based company feel they are treated fairly and 98 percent endorse the company as a "great workplace."

The League of Legends eSports community is also thriving. 32 million people watched the League of Legends Season 3 World Championships, making it the most watched eSports event in history. In addition, the United States government now recognizes League of Legends players as professional athletes.

Riot Games expects League of Legends to be around for at least another 10 years.

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