League of Legends experiments with 6 vs. 6 mode

Six-a-side Featured Gameplay Mode, Hexakill, coming to League of Legends on February 20.

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The upcoming Hexakill mode for MOBA League of Legends will change the game's dynamic by allowing six players on each team, developer Riot Games has announced.

Hexakill is the popular online game's latest Featured Gameplay Mode, and will kick off on February 20. The mode keeps all the other elements of a standard Summoner's Rift match intact, but a sixth player adds all kinds of new possibilities for teams--do you commit more to roaming, jungling, or use that extra player for an aggressive early push on enemy towers?

Particularly aggressive players will likely relish the opportunity to score their own Hexakill, too, although I'm certainly not a capable enough player to take out an entire enemy team of five players, let alone six.

Featured Gameplay Modes in League of Legends are temporary modes that incorporate a variety of experimental twists. Previous modes included One For All, which had every player on a team all using the same Champion, and 1v1/2v2 duelling mode Showdown.

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