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League of Legends 2014 World Championship Prize Pool Is Over $2 Million

Team who wins first place will earn $1 million dollars.

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Riot Games has revealed the prize pool for its League of Legends World Championship event that will be taking place in October this year. Revealed in the 2014 World Championship rulebook that was recently made available, the prize pool exceeds $2 million dollars in total.

The team who grabs first place at the grand finals will be awarded $1 million dollars, with second place to be rewarded with $250,000 and third and fourth place earning $150,000. Teams in fifth to eight place will each earn $75,000.

The prize money on offer may seem staggering to some, but is in line with statistics that indicate League of Legends was the most watched game on Twitch in May. More coverage on the competitive League of Legends scene in the lead-up to the World Championship can be found at GameSpot's sister site, onGamers.

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