Le Mans Ships for the Dreamcast

Infogrames ships its endurance racing game for the Sega Dreamcast.


Infogrames has announced that its Dreamcast racing game, Test Drive Le Mans, will be available at retailers this week. The Dreamcast version of the game features exclusive new racing teams, new tracks, and new racing modes. The game has more than 40 vehicles and ten real-world Le Mans tracks. Of course, the emphasis is on the 24-hour Le Mans race, and during these races, the game's environments transform from day to night and from night to day through the use of real-time lighting effects. The 24-hour Le Mans races can be compressed into ten-minute, 30-minute, one-hour, and six-hour modes. However, if players so wish, they can participate in an actual 24-hour race.

"Test Drive Le Mans makes the Daytona 500 seem like a quick drive to the store," said Laddie Ervin, director of marketing for the sports and racing label at Infogrames. "Test Drive Le Mans challenges racing fans to compete for 24 hours at speeds up to 200mph. With physics and graphics this real, you can practically smell the burning rubber as you scream around the corners."

Modes of play include Le Mans, quick race, championship, time trial, and four-player multiplayer. The game is available for a suggested retail price of US$29.99 at most major video game retailers. It was developed by Infogrames' Melbourne House.

$14.95 on Amazon
$11.67 on Walmart

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