Le Mans 24 Hours coming to the PC

Infogrames announces its upcoming PC version of the console racing game. New screenshots inside.


Infogrames has announced Le Mans 24 Hours, its upcoming PC racing game based on Le Mans 24 Hours for the Sony PlayStation 2, which was released in August. Like the console game, the PC game will let players take control of a wide variety of powerful licensed racecars from the official Le Mans race. The game will include more than 70 detailed cars and 12 real-world circuits, including the famous Le Mans 24 Hours circuit and the Petit Le Mans US track. Players will race in realistic conditions including rain, mist, and dust, as well as night and day.

Le Mans 24 Hours is in development at Melbourne House, the studio that created the award-winning Test Drive Le Mans for the Sega Dreamcast, and it is scheduled for release this summer.

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