Layoffs at Resident Evil developer

Slant Six Games initiates temporary layoffs to trim operating costs, hopes to rehire all affected developers.


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Galactic Reign developer Slant Six Games has initiated a round of temporary layoffs, the company has confirmed. The studio hopes to rehire all affected staffers once new projects or funding has been secured.

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"We can confirm that there have been temporary layoffs at our studio today," a company representative said in a statement. "This necessary measure has been taken to reduce the size of our team and to decrease interim operating costs while we continue to negotiate new business."

"Temporary layoffs provide us with a time period to keep everyone’s employment position open with full benefits," the statement goes on. "The intention is to reinstate all of the people affected when new projects or funding has been secured."

Slant Six did not confirm exactly how many staffers were impacted, but told GamesIndustry International that the outfit currently employs more than 60 people.

This site points out that British Columbia law states anyone laid off will retain benefits and collect employment insurance for 13 weeks. Their termination will become permanent if they are not rehired after that time.

"Slant Six Games currently has multiple titles in development, and we look forward to the completion of these titles once publishing or funding partnerships can be secured," Slant Six said.

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Avatar image for DrHyde

After Operation Raccoon City, they're lucky to be in business at all.

Avatar image for Nightelf123

@PSBEATSALLDEAL @visionedorange RE 6 was very better and harder than RE 4 & 5.

don't think RE 6 is bad because you don't like it

Avatar image for eva02langley

Layoff at Capcom... no... misleading!

Avatar image for grbolivar

OMG Layoffs everywhere in the gamez industry!! What's happening? is not enough the $60 game + $30 season pass? They are finding a reason to charge $70 for PS4/X720 games .....

Avatar image for DAOWAce

Good thing it's (potentially) temporary.

Bad thing is even more people lost their jobs.

Avatar image for dussan2

Stuff like this happens all the time. I wouldn't be surprised if they file for Chapter 11, just to get their affairs in order.

Their real issue is they are making crap games.

Avatar image for SnakeEyesX80

I liked SOCOM Confrontation a lot more than SOCOM 4. Confrontation felt like true SOCOM game. ORC was crap.

Avatar image for bongsyas_23

if they make a really bad game, bad things will happen. but good luck to those employees

Avatar image for simonbelmont2

It's sad that some of the staff will be laid off. RE:ORC was a poor game though.

Avatar image for commanderxp90

Capcom should hire high talented of developers to be on big focus for the next Resident Evil 7 in the future. :) Not for the Slant Six of developers.

Avatar image for firehawk998

RE : Revelations was one the worst games ever made. If they are gonna lay off someone here fire whoever was in charge of the Product Testing . The bugs in this game was atrocious.

Avatar image for kyacat

Who didn't see this coming and yeah I feel bad for people that are lay off but look what happen to resident evil operation city and capcom also at fault IMO they gave slant six to make one of their games bam resident evil operatipon had chunky control and didn't sell well.

Capcom need go to back survival horror what made first 3 resident evil and Code Veronica X games fun to play not action horror to please the call of duty fans IMO

Avatar image for pimpofdoom

I genuinely enjoyed this game when it came out on PC last year and had fun playing the online portion of the game with friends. Anyways I know some close people who have lost their jobs and understand how difficult the process is so I wish the very best to those who have to go through this now.

Avatar image for MissMorphine

damn were they even working on a new project after the huge fiasco RE ORC was?

Avatar image for Grenadeh

Frankly, I tried hard to like ORC. I really did. I honestly enjoyed playing multiplayer, even though Heroes mode is horse shit and shooting a half naked Jill Valentine 40 times in the face with a grenade launcher kind of makes me think at some point, JUST A LITTLE BIT, that she should have died already.The game had some good concepts and some fun multiplayer, like Capture the G virus or King of the Nemesis, I mean...Hill.....Nemesis. The story mode was fun too a lot of the time but there were so many glaringly bad problems, like soldiers who refused to die, or useless AI teammates, or hunters that would run up to murder you and then just turn around - or brokenly ridiculous melee when you were on multiplayer. Obviously the storyline was completely non-sequitur with the game franchise - not that it matters at all anymore because Capcom saw to ruining the **** out of that before 2000 even came around - but the environment was nice and the game play was enjoyable in small doses. The game was about a 6.9 at best. I never liked SOCOM, ever, or this company, but if this means these people get to go to a different company and work on something else, I will be happy.

Avatar image for PaulJanson

@Grenadeh I agree 100%, The whole game was a GOOD IDEA, but it needed MORE WORK. One of the many things that pissed me off was the "Super Soldier" ability since I found it to be the most overpowered and cowardly ability in competitive multiplayer history.

Avatar image for Grenadeh

@PSBEATSALLDEAL @visionedorange This. This is almost absolutely true. The two games are equally shitty but I must inform you of one thing in RE6s favor: In RE6, when you shoot people in the head, they die. In ORC, only zombies die from a headshot, and not every time. RE6 was 95% terrible and the only playable parts were actually Chris's campaign, which is pathetic because his campaign was entirely 3ps and had nothing to do with Resident Evil. Ada Wong used to be the one redeeming factor of that game, but they released a patch to make that co-op and ruin it too.

Avatar image for hatieshorrer

The title is miss leading the only RE game these people made was RE Raccoon City.

Avatar image for Grenadeh

@hatieshorrer I was going to say the same thing.

Avatar image for Grenadeh

I spoke with someone on a torrent site who claimed to be a Slant Six dev and "she" claimed that Capcom is the reason the game sucked, not them. She said Capcom "made them" beef up the Human AI health or alter the damage for weapons, things like that. Which I call absolute bullshit on. Capcom is terrible but they would never approve a game where you literally shoot a human being in the head 8 times with a .50 anti-material rifle and it doesn't kill them. Just saying.

Avatar image for SamusCR

@Grenadeh I wouldnt be amazed lol, capcom is going down the hole, obviously not to EA level but it is slowly, shame since capcom used to be one of my favorites but oh well.

Avatar image for Grenadeh

Good. No offense to them because I know they tried but good. Slant Six has always blown. There's a possibility now some of those laid off can go on to participate in legitimate projects.

Avatar image for Sampawende

This publishers trend will only drive developers to sell their a**s at a higher price, and it's absolutely understandable, which in turn will lead to more layoffs.

And guess who will pay for all that ?

Greed is corrupting the business....

Avatar image for sargentpsgamer

Honestly if it didn't have the RE name on it, the game would have been decent. The whole idea of playing TDM with zombies roaming around was absolutely awesome. However getting points for killing them? Not so much. Small maps with little to no environment? bad idea.

Avatar image for ziproy

This is still a company?? I'm not one to advocate for video game companies closing but these guys kinda suck

Avatar image for FolkIore

No surprise here.

Avatar image for 91210user

Yeah, that's right, take the money and run Slant Six Games considering that Capcom is a Japanese company!

Avatar image for cloudstrife9000

@91210user Do you know how much that DOESNT make sense?

Avatar image for Mrod1212

ORC had some great ideas, but were executed poorly. Not surprising at all.

Avatar image for clookoo213

well maybe if they made a decent game for once, they wouldn't have to do this.

Avatar image for vadicta

So, by "Resident Evil developer" you mean that company that made one Resident Evil game one time?

Avatar image for zzamaro

not surprised, bad games lead to this

Avatar image for youngskillz

lol slant six is a garbage dev.

Avatar image for BlackaliciousX

I really feel bad for those employees, unless they knew they would likely have to look elsewhere after they finished this project. Although it is a small studio, those that handle the business side of things should have been securing funding during the x number of years they were making the game and have a project lined up. Those employees are better off looking elsewhere if they hope to make a career with one company. Too bad they will have to list "raccoon city" on their resume

Avatar image for anths1987

Maybe they can re-hire Shinji Mikami and get back to making good RE games...

Avatar image for Grenadeh

@anths1987 Slant Six never employed Shinji Mikami. Regardless, Vanquish is a better game than any new RE could hope to be. Shinji will not work on that franchise anymore, it has been tainted for years even before he left.

Avatar image for deactivated-59ef89729997b

Shitty games have consequences. Rot in hell whoever was responsible for all of those quick-time events.

Avatar image for SimonSiThornton

The game I play more than any other is still SOCOM Confrontation. The best SOCOM game this generation and the best tactical shooter on the PS3. Sad to hear this news.

Avatar image for Heshertonfist

"Sorry, we need to lay off 60 of you because we need re-route that money to powering OUR FUCKING NEON SIGN!"

Avatar image for deactivated-59ef89729997b

@Heshertonfist LMAO They must have gotten rid of the employees that got cancer from that sign to save on Health costs.

Avatar image for iomor27

@Heshertonfist I wonder if the receptionists were hoping to be laid off, they don't have to put on sunscreen to work in front of a sun lamp all day.

Avatar image for ArataWata

"Okay, who here was involved in making Operation Raccoon city?"

*More than 60 people raise their hand.*

"Get the **** out of my building."

Avatar image for deactivated-5b69bebd1b0b6


LOL, evil but effective.

Avatar image for cloudstrife9000

@ArataWata idiot..

Avatar image for Vornagar

I've never heard of this company.

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