Lawn Mowing Sim Out Now On Game Pass, Dev Talks About How It Happened

The developer has also shared a roadmap featuring upcoming content.


Skyhook Games has shared new insight on how it got Lawn Mowing Simulator on Xbox Game Pass following its official launch on the subscription service.

In a new blog post, the developer explained how it went about creating the simulation game, as well as how important it was to show players what it was like to operate lawn mowers for a living, saying, "There’s absolutely no faulting our dedication to all things lawn mowing."

"When we first set out to create Lawn Mowing Simulator, we had one goal: we wanted to show as many people as possible what it’s like to operate ride on mowers for a living, and what it’s like to build your own business where grass rules everything," Skyhook Games said.

"When we initially started work on Lawn Mowing Simulator it was PC only via Steam, but our friends at Xbox saw the potential that it had and invited us to launch on Xbox Series S & X, which naturally we leaped at. Following the success of our demos, this then led to a conversation about Game Pass. Being able to bring LMS to even more people via the Game Pass Xbox ecosystem was too good to be true; and we couldn’t wait to be a part of it."

The developer also shared a look at the game's content roadmap, sharing what will be added to the game up until January. That includes the Patterson RO-A lawn mower, Scag V-Ride, and Strimmers--all of which has currently been patched into the game. In January 2022, leaf blowers will also be added to the sim game, so players can tidy up their lawns in more than one way.

Some ongoing patches include lawnmower adjustments, further wheel support, quality-of-life additions, and bug fixes, along with the expansion of business management elements.

Lawn Mowing Simulator is now available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Series X|S. During The Game Awards 2021, Microsoft announced that Xbox Game Pass for PC would be rebranded as PC Game Pass and revealed four new games coming to the service day one.

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