Law & Order II: Double or Nothing Impressions

We spend a little time with Legacy Interactive's TV-show-inspired adventure sequel for the PC.


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Legacy Interactive is currently working on Law & Order II: Double or Nothing for the PC, and earlier today we paid the company a visit to take a look at the game. Based on the award-winning Law & Order TV series, the game follows the format of the show quite closely, and it kicked off with a brief cutscene in which a body is discovered in a car with a single bullet wound to the head. Playing as the partner of detective Lennie Brisco--who is voiced by Jerry Orbach, the star of the TV show--you perform a quick examination of the car and determine that the victim was a highly respected scientist. Once the scientist's ID is discovered, his address is added to the list of places available to visit.

The game uses the same point-and-click control method used in its predecessor, and, save for a few key improvements, it will essentially be more of the same when it's released this fall. To anyone who hasn't played Law & Order: Dead on the Money, the improvements that have been implemented will sound minor and insignificant for the most part, but any of you who have experienced the first game should welcome them with open arms--particularly as some of them have come about as a direct result of your feedback.

The first addition to the game, which becomes apparent before you've even started, is that in addition to the interview, evidence collection, and teamwork skills that you can select for yourself in the first game, there wil be an extra case organization attribute. Choosing case organization as one of the two specializations that you're allowed in the game essentially adds a "hint" button to your case folder that, should you ever become stuck in the game, will give you advice on what to do next. It sounds like a minor feature, of course, but if you're new to this type of game or found the first game a little frustrating, it could really be helpful.

The other additions to the game--which have been implemented as a direct result of feedback from those of you who played the first game--include a subtitles option for all the speech in the game, the abolition of time limits, and an option to redo interviews without having to go back to your previous save point if you mess up the first time around.

Law & Order II: Double or Nothing is currently scheduled for release in September. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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