Latest TGS lineup of PS2 games

Enix will have a playable version of Star Ocean 3 at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. What else will be there for the PlayStation 2?


GameSpot brings you the latest lineup of PlayStation 2 games that have been confirmed to be shown at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2001 Fall. Naturally, these are not the only PS2 games that will appear at the show. The following is a partial list, but it does include several rather impressive names. For example, Enix's Star Ocean 3 and Konami's Genso Suikoden III will be shown in playable form.


Star Ocean 3 [working title]


Genso Suikoden III

Sony Computer Entertainment

The Yamanote-sen: Train Simulator Real
Bravo Music
Brave Music: Christmas Edition
Formula 1 2001
Genshi no Kotoba
Toro to Kyujitsu
Legaia Dual Saga
Yoake no Mariko
Jack and Daxter
Wild Arms: Advanced Third
Popolocrois: Hajimari no Monogatari


Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII
Taikoritsu Shiden IV

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