Latest PS5 Firmware Update Improves Performance

The first firmware update for the PS5 vaguely addresses performance issues of Sony's new console, without any real specifics.


Sony has released the first firmware update for its recently launched PlayStation 5. The patch notes are short and unspecific, but you may notice some degree of improved performance after downloading it.

The patch notes for system update 20.02-02.25.00 don't specifically state what areas of the console are being addressed, simply stating, "This system software update improves system performance." The entire update is just shy of 900MB and is available to download now.

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The PS5 launched in the US, Canada, and other regions on November 12, with the launch in Europe taking place this Thursday, November 19. Since launching the console has had numerous reports of widespread issues, ranging from bugs preventing PS5 game downloads and requiring a format to numerous instances of technical issues with the console's Rest Mode. Many GameSpot employees have encountered these issues personally, too.

The PS5 could also benefit from a change that removes PS4 versions of games from the default downloads, which take up unnecessary space on the console's already small SSD.

There's also a few smaller tweaks that we would like to see implemented in the future, based on our time with the console thus far. The console can make it unclear when you are running the PS5 version of a game versus the PS4 version, for instance. If you haven't seen much visual upgrade in your games, this could be a sign you're playing the wrong version.

If you haven't upgraded to the next generation yet and you're still playing on a PS4, that console just received a firmware update, too. It's a basic stability update, so don't expect huge changes to your system.

That isn't to say the console isn't impressive elsewhere. In our PS5 review, critic Mat Paget found a lot to love about Sony's latest console, from the striking rumble in the DualSense to the incredibly fast loading times. "Sony has laid strong foundations for its new generation of gaming," writes Paget. "But it's now up to developers to use all the tools laid out for them to build upon it."

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