Latest Origin Sale Offers Cheap Mass Effect 3, Takes a Pop at Steam

Origin offers up to 70 percent off certain PC games, but promises that they'll be "games you'll actually play."

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How's your Steam backlog looking? EA's latest Origin advert, revolving around its latest player appreciation sale, looks like it's taking a jab at the rival digital platform. "Your backlog can wait," says the advert, as it offers up a selection of deals for games "you'll actually play."

What are these games, then? How about NHL 09 for $2.99, Medal of Honor Warfighter for $5.99, or SimCity Societies for $5.99? Oh. On the other hand, you can pick up Mass Effect 3 for $5.99 if you're yet to make your mind up about whether you hate its ending or not.

While Origin is still yet to garner up the same kind of admiration from PC gamers as Steam, you can't knock EA's continued attempts to develop the service: it's offered up Battlefield 3 and Dead Space for free and implemented a fairly nifty return policy, for instance. Let's hope EA keeps investing in the platform, although I'm still not going to buy a copy of FIFA Manager 12 in a sale, no matter how cheap it is.

You can see the full list of discounted games on the Origin store.

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