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Latest Nintendo Switch Games Sale Discounts Mega Man Franchise

Five Mega Man Legacy Collections and Mega Man 11 are on sale for stellar prices for the next few days at the Nintendo Switch Eshop.


Mega Man games feel right at home on Nintendo Switch thanks to the portability of the massively popular (and currently hard-to-find) console. Thankfully, every mainline Mega Man title as well as a pair of spin-off series are available on Switch, and they are currently on sale for great prices at the Nintendo Eshop. The Mega Man franchise sale ends May 31, so you only have a few days to take advantage of these discounts.

The recently released Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is on sale for $22.49, which is the first discount we've seen on the Nintendo Switch version. The collection compiles six titles that originally released on Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS: Mega Man Zero 1-4, Mega Man ZX, and ZX Advent. If you prefer a physical version, Amazon has the collection discounted to $24.90.

The entire mainline franchise can be purchased for roughly $35 total, with Mega Man 11 on sale for $15, Mega Man Legacy Collection down to $9.89, and Legacy Collection 2 for $10. The first Legacy Collection comes with Mega Man 1-6, while Legacy Collection 2 has Mega Man 7-10.

The most well-known Mega Man spin-off series, Mega Man X, also has a pair of Legacy Collections on sale for 50% off at $10. Mega Man X Legacy Collection compiles the first four Mega Man X games, while X Legacy Collection 2 rounds the series out with the last four.

Mega Man franchise sale

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