Latest Marvel's Avengers Patch Fixes Some Of The Previous Patch's Problems

The latest patch for Marvel's Avengers has fixed a few problems in the game, but plenty of other bugs are still hampering player progress that were introduced by the previous update.


It's been a big couple of weeks for Marvel's Avengers, as the game recently added Spider-Man to its roster and a new high-level Raid activity. New content means new bugs, but a fresh patch was uploaded this week by developer Crystal Dynamics…which seems to have caused a few more issues in the superhero sandbox.

According to Crystal Dynamics, Marvel’s Avengers update 2.2 will load the game's marketplace correctly for players who already purchased the Hawkeye or Civil War Starter packs, and players on non-PlayStation platforms will no longer receive bugged comics that causes the game to crash.

The developer has also highlighted several issues that players might have, such as the loss of resources and in-game currency for anyone who hasn't logged in since the 2.2 release of Marvel's Avengers. In the Klaw Raid, there are also reports of attack indicators not being displayed when the Klaw uses his beam attack.

There are also cases where players cannot purchase more than a few shipments, and there are rare instances where save progression has been deleted, but backup saves can be loaded in to restore progress. The PC patch is still in development and has been delayed.

Marvel's Avengers recently joined the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, and if you're looking to start playing as the amazing webhead, here's how you can start playing as Spider-Man.

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