Latest GTA Online Weekly Update Adds $2 Million Cayo Perico Heist Target

Players can also make extra cash from their Nightclubs this week.


For the next week, Grand Theft Auto Online is offering players the biggest heist payout in the game--that is, if they can take the heat. Along with the suite of extra rewards from Nightclub missions and Client jobs, players can cut themselves a whopping $2 million targeting the panther statue in the Cayo Perico Heist.

This week's benefits and rewards for GTA Online can be found in a blog post from Rockstar, and are detailed further down below.

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The Heist Of The Century

The Cayo Perico Heist was added to GTA Online this past December and stands out as one of the biggest money-making opportunities for solo players. The heist lets players choose their primary target, and for the rest of this week, the game's most expensive piece of loot is up for the taking. While it's sure to be difficult to get, the Panther Statue players can steal is worth every risk, rewarding enterprising thieves with a massive $2 million payout if they complete the heist on hard.

Bonuses For Club Owners

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If you're trying to keep things low-key and earn your money like a (somewhat) honest businessman, Nightclub owners also have some choice money-making opportunities this week. Nightclub Management Missions won't pay out any extra cash, but they will give your club twice its normal popularity. The lack of a better payout in those missions should be balanced out by the tripled daily revenue players generate from their Nightclub's operations.

Extra Rewards For Client Jobs

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For the players that just like to be pointed at something to shoot up, this week still has an opportunity to earn extra cash. Anyone with a Terrorbyte can use the vehicle's touchscreen to complete Client Jobs and claim twice the usual XP and cash that they'd usually get.

Big Payouts For Vehicular Carnage

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Anyone looking for even more money this week can head to the Motor Wars arena and gear up for some high-octane, Twisted Metal-esque action. Motor Wars will continue to pay out all competitors, no matter how they place, three times the XP and cash until June 2.

Discounts And Freebies

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Like any other week, players have a ton of opportunities to save some cash on their big purchases or just walk away with free gear. In terms of threads, players can pick up four new t-shirts all for free just by logging into GTA Online. Anyone over rank 100 with a HVY Menacer can also pick up an orange shade camo livery if they log in after May 31.

This week's last free item comes down to chance. Spring the wheel in the Diamond Casino and you may walk away with a Canis Freecrawler, a small, boxy off-road vehicle.

Here are the vehicles players can pick up this week at a discount:

  • Dinka Jester Classic - 40% discount
  • Ocelot Pariah - 40% discount
  • Vapid Festival Bus - 40% discount
  • Blimp - 40% discount
  • Pfister Neon - 40% discount
  • Ocelot Lynx - 40% discount
  • HVY Menacer - 40% discount
  • Overflod Entity XF - 40% discount
  • HVY Brickade - 40% discount

Additional content for GTA Online is also on the way. Rockstar recently announced that updates coming to GTA V this summer will give criminals of all trades new opportunities to make some cash.

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