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Latest GTA 5 Online Event Discounts All Properties, Offers Extra RP, and More

Sabre Turbos join the lineup of cars customizable at Benny's.


The newest event in Grand Theft Auto V's Online mode has been announced and is now underway for the next week.

Dubbed Sabre Week, this event sees the addition of another car to the lineup of vehicles that can be customized at Benny's Original Motor Works. In this case, it's the Sabre Turbo Custom that you'll be able to trick out at Benny's with things like new engine blocks and fancy interiors.

Alongside this, you'll be able to use any of your personal mechanic's services for free. You can also earn bonus RP and get discounts on various things by playing during the event, which runs from today until April 21.

All properties are 20 percent off; tattoos and hairstyles are 50 percent off; and select Lowriders clothing is 25 percent off. Double RP can be earned from Impromptu races and the riding-with-friends bonus, as well as in special racing-centric playlists. Depending on when you play, it'll be one of three playlists offering the bonus.

Here's the schedule:

  • Friday, April 15 - Sunday, April 17: Super Car Racing
  • Monday, April 18 - Tuesday, April 19: Lowriders Street Racing
  • Wednesday, April 20 - Thursday, April 21: Mixed Road Racing​

Finally, you'll receive bonus in-game cash if you choose to buy a cash card with real-world money between now and April 21. Depending on how much you purchase, you'll get a different amount for free by April 29: Buying $500,000 (for $10 in the real world) nets you an extra $75,000, while the $8 million package (real cost: $100) nets you an additional $4 million. If you assume this isn't something anyone spends money on, keep in mind that GTA Online has reportedly generated $500 million in revenue--and that's not measured in GTA cash.

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Earlier this week, Rockstar released the latest update for GTA Online, introducing a new sports-inspired mode called Inch By Inch.

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