Latest EVE Online expansion dated

Trinity coming to the sci-fi massively multiplayer online game in December, will add major graphical overhaul.


EVE Online

The fifth expansion pack for CCP's sci-fi massively multiplayer online role-playing game EVE Online has been dated for December 5. Trinity will add a new graphics engine, and all ships, stations, and stargates have been reconstructed using new lighting models and surfaces to make them appear more detailed and realistic.

EVE Online: Trinity will also add new missions, items, and ships to the gameworld.

CCP has also announced that the game, which was launched in 2003, has now exceeded 200,000 subscribers. EVE Online gives players control of a spaceship, and they can trade, mine, and battle within its vast online universe.

In November 2006 CCP merged with pen-and-paper role-playing game company White Wolf, and announced that the duo would be teaming up to create a pen-and-paper-style RPG based on the EVE world.

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