Lastshadow no longer associated with Supa Hot Crew, Mithy assisting them instead

In a twitter post, Lastshadow has stated he has not worked with the organization for three weeks

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Supa Hot Crew has parted ways with their coach Nick "LastShadow" De Cesare according to a twitter post by De Cesare. In that post, De Cesare states that he was not with the organization for almost three weeks.

People constantly messaging me on skype/fb, I am not/have not been apart of SHC for the past 3 weeks almost...

He further added that that there were no hard feelings between the organization and himself.

Because no real hard feelings :) some stuff just couldn't be controlled, they're all great players/people

In addition, Riot Games caster Deficio stated live on the broadcast that Alfonso "mithy" Aguirre Rodriguez was the new coach for Supa Hot Crew. Sources have told onGamers that Rodriguez has indeed been assisting them, although have not revealed to which capacity.

De Cesare was a fairly high profile signing by the organization who also picked up Joseph "Xj9" Sulenski as an assistant coach. It is unclear if Sulenski is still with the organization. onGamers has contacted SHC management for more information.

Update: Sulenski is no longer with the organization.

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