Last Remnant collects DLC

Square Enix role-playing game to receive for-pay formations, free challenges and ancient ruins next month.


The Last Remnant

Square Enix has good news for gamers who plowed through the recently released Last Remnant and wish there were just a few remnants left. Over the course of the next month, the publisher will release four new downloadable content packs for its Unreal Engine 3-powered role-playing game.

On December 1, Xbox Live Gold members will be able to download two packs for free (Xbox Live Silver members will be able to download them December 8). The first pack--"Purgatory's Sins"--is a collection of challenging guild tasks that can only be accessed after progressing a certain amount of the way through the game. The other--"The Key to the Ancient Ruins"--unlocks a prominent gate within the game, allowing players to explore a new area.

A third add-on--"The Price of Lies"--will be released December 22 for Xbox Live Gold members (December 29 for Silver users). Like "Purgatory's Sins," this collection of the most difficult guild tasks in the game will only be accessible to players who have made sufficient progress. "The Price of Lies" also will be free.

Square Enix is also testing the waters of for-pay downloadable content. On December 15, all Xbox Live users will be able to purchase the "March to War Set," a collection of three new tactical battle formations. The trio will sell for 100 Microsoft points ($1.25).

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