Last of Us universe 'ripe for more stories' says Naughty Dog

Creative director Neil Druckmann says the universe could expand even though Joel and Ellie's story has reached a conclusion.


The Last of Us universe is "ripe for more stories," Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann has told the PlayStation Blog. The game ships next week exclusively on PlayStation 3 and even though it will wrap up the Joel and Ellie narrative, Druckmann said there's opportunity to tell more stories within the gameworld.

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"I think the world is ripe for more stories, but as far as the journey Joel and Ellie goes on it ends with this game," Druckmann said. "We were very conscious that we didn't want to leave this story dangling. If we never do a sequel we're OK with it, because we told the story we needed to tell."

Druckmann explained that Naughty Dog spent a lot of time creating the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us, complete with its disease and how the world has reacted to it. Much of this information has stayed in the background, and that was intentional, Druckmann said.

"But then a lot of that stuff is in the background and we’re very conscious of keeping it there. Because that’s not what the story is about," he said. It's about these two characters and the journey they go on."

The Last of Us launches June 14 across the world. Reviews for the game were published earlier this week. Its Metascore on GameSpot sister site Metacritic stands at 96, making it the highest rated game of 2013 so far, surpassing BioShock Infinite.

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Avatar image for pjbabbitt112

I finished the game yesterday, I think with that ending it would be pretty easy to make some sort of sequel..

Avatar image for stanknuggetz12

I literally just finished the game. Frickin awesome game. Just wish there was a little more to the end but I usually feel that way about most endings.

Avatar image for zombiecraze158

The ending was a cliffhanger to me, I'm like Ellie, I hate cliffhangers :) maybe that was their intention?

Avatar image for pjbabbitt112

@zombiecraze158 That's what i'm thinking. I don't see how this was a "conclusion" lol. I hope it's not....

Avatar image for ne1444

i didn't feel like their story really ended, seemed pretty dangling to me

Avatar image for Ddarkprince

i loved the game it's 9/10 for me but the ending is a piece of sh$t it doesnt end right and naughty dog need to come up with a continuation for the story line, that being said i also loved the multiplayer since you need skill to play it but has only 2 modes wtf people will get bored of this fast if a new multiplayer mode dlc doesnt come out fast. Lastly i do think a kill streak reward needs to be added i know its not cod but i wanna be rewarded if i get 5 kills in a row.

Avatar image for Chiyou

@Ddarkprince You shouldn't be rewarded, you should be thrown in prison you psycho!

Avatar image for Mabrry

I'm slightly confused as to how these character's stories are over. I would love more with the same two protagonists especially with the ending.

Avatar image for kratos-lll

@Mabrry I would love to see Ellie and Joel again :/

Avatar image for Chiyou

@kratos-lll @Mabrry *Spoilers*

Naughty Dog is putting out false information out there so you have preconceptions of what will happen at the end and be genuinely surprised.

Avatar image for zombiecraze158

I hope that's true!!

Avatar image for Enforcer246

As long as it's Naughty Dog saying this and not Sony.

Avatar image for barrica

I played the game yesterday and to be honest is the best game i played on the current gen, graphics 10, gameplay 10, story 10 and overall experience 10. Honestly is a game that makes you envy people with PS3's, im on Xbox and Halo or Gear of War haven't got nothing on Last of Us, plus this game proves that the PS3 is the better machine too. I wish i would have spent my money on a PS3 first instead of buying a Xbox now im on my third one, doooooh!

Avatar image for hampton2003

@barrica im hoping ps4 allows me to play this some day on the cloud or some emulation. i really want to play this but im not buying a ps3 when the next gen is so close.

Avatar image for delaneyphil

funny how this article avoids mentioning that Gamespot gave the game an 8.0, but instead does mention the Metacritic score of 96. I guess they do realize the 8.0 was a fuckup by McShite.

Avatar image for CrouchingWeasel


It might very well be only worth an 8.0. We won't know until the 14th. The problem with the review was that it was downright fucking lazy. It was almost like he woke up on the morning the review was due & said "**** me, I totally forgot to review this thing", then just phoned the bastard in on the spot.

Avatar image for delaneyphil

@CrouchingWeasel that's the thing. Don't ask how, but I have the game already! and its bloody awesome. (one of the) Best. PS3. Game. Ever. And yes, i agree, the review was done hastily. I've never seen a review on gamespot that is so short! 3 mins 22 secs (giggity!)! never mind for a game of such quality! there are so many more things he could mention/talk about in the review! a lazy reviewer, that's all i can say

Avatar image for foxrock66

@delaneyphil Get over it. According to the scale, 8 = Great. As if numbers mean anything anyway

Avatar image for big_boss1988

@foxrock66 @delaneyphil numbers do matter because some reviewers around here don't know what are they talking about. numbers matter because if you give GTA4 a 10 and this game an 8, then you know there is something wrong here. numbers usually doesn't matter for me. but when you give a number just because you wanna give a number (or judging by the producer gave a precious gift which start with m????) then we can't trust reviews here to give exact sense.

Avatar image for Chiyou

@big_boss1988 @foxrock66 @delaneyphil It was Justin Calbert that gave GTA 4 a 10.

Avatar image for stan_boyd

@big_boss1988 @foxrock66 @delaneyphil well honestly this game doesn't even look like an 8 to me, it just looks like another pretty action game, so far the best game in years in my opinion is Hitman Absolution, but thats the thing we all have different opinions Kevin Van Ord gave Hitman a 7.5 should I start calling him Kevin Van Whored just because I think hitman is worth a 10 and he does not.

Avatar image for Razed812

They should just leave this be. Meanwhile, you know what universe is ripe for more stories, ND? Jak and Daxter.

Avatar image for Ravenlore_basic

LOL as long as Tom McDonald does not review it..... LOL

Avatar image for junglist101

LOL as if any developer would let this game die and not turn it into a franchise.

Avatar image for ECH71

You put in all that effort making something awesome, then heavily limit who can enjoy it.

Damn exclusives. SOB developers/publishers.

Avatar image for FalconOfStorms

@ECH71 It wouldn't be as good if it wasn't an exclusive. Having to only design for one very specific hardware/software combo allows you to do a lot more than when you have to make it work on everything.

Avatar image for junglist101

@ECH71 Playstation is where the exclusives are at these days my friend.

Avatar image for saint311

now that i think about it, i hope they DONT do any sequels. If only to be consistent w/ Naughty Dog's new IP trilogy per console. Let Last of Us just be a stand alone and Naughty Dog can start a new game trilogy for PS4 (maybe a Sci-Fi game?!?)

Avatar image for internetsyndica

Imagine a Day-Z like game in the Last Of Us universe? That would be so awesome...Free roam. Day Night Cycle. Multiplayer. I would just go play Z but my PC sucks. The struggle is real...

Avatar image for Galiard

omg, get Tom's review off the screen!!

Anyway, yes please, we need more post apocalyptic storys like the Walking Dead series

Avatar image for Downloadpilot

The game looks epic, really. AND I wouldn't mind just ONE more sequel, I'm sure. You don't have to milk it, but why waste all that good backstory, technology, etc.? Go for it, I say. But just ONE more sequel. I don't wanna see The Last of Us 15, cause nobody got time for that.

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

Looking forward to see how PS4 provides the platform for Naughty Dog to combine storytelling, characters, gameplay with technology to a whole new level :)

Avatar image for EDFXNights

If It's In The Same Universe I'm Cool... In Fact it's cool

Not expanding the current story is a good idea. Besides...we don't know happen in the end anyway

Avatar image for Carpetfluff

@EDFXNights Don't go anywhere near Youtube then. Someone already posted the ending...

Avatar image for KiriharaZro


just one survives, its the "last" of us you know ;)

Avatar image for larongemini

Gosh I fear Last Of Us would get sold out and I won't be able to buy one for myself. T-T

Avatar image for Prats1993

let the milking begin.

Avatar image for Jasurim

Let's wait and play the game ourselves before getting all excited about sequels.

Avatar image for WantYouBad

I predict more sequels, it shall go the way of any successful game; adorned with countless sequels and spinoffs and prequels till it has been milked dry, like GoW, GoW, AC, etc. The Last of Us 3 by 2017.

By the way all you kiddies, go read The Road.

Avatar image for Downloadpilot

@WantYouBad I watched The Road. Easily one of the most miserable movies I've ever seen.

Avatar image for Galiard

@Downloadpilot @WantYouBad you should read the Walking Dead comics. way better then the tv show. thats saying alot cause of how how amazing the show is :-)

Avatar image for Kyrylo

That's what I love about ND: they can make sequel, or they may just put game away and make new IP

Avatar image for ZoTrAcK

really important and primordial article I see, it changed my life

Avatar image for immortaltech6

Wouldn't this announcement have been better served until some time after the game's release?

It's like DLC nowadays, announce it all before the gamer has a chance to relax, appreciate & get absorbed in the world. Yes, remind us its a business and shatter the fantasy!

Avatar image for Generic_Dude

Of course it's ripe... what developer wouldn't milk a successful IP to death these days?

Avatar image for d3nR

Why are People complaining about the possibility of sequels? If the world is as amazing as they say, and gamers fall in love with it, the no one will mind going back in and experiencing it from a different angle. This method is proven to work. Just look at the gta4 series.

No one (apart from reviewers) have played it so wait till you pick up your copy before go and cry about it.

Avatar image for daviz88

of course, LAST OF US 2 ON PS4, i like the sound of that, maybe if they could a spin off story for the VITA that will be excellent, after all Ellie & Joel are not the all survivor. just as long as there is spacing between each installment then its alright.

Avatar image for acelogan1989

@daviz88 yep spin off for vita like they did with golden abyss

Avatar image for daviz88

golden abyss was a great game i haven't finished though but the little i have played it's excellent. check out IGN & GAMETRAILER for incite.

Avatar image for bunchanumbers

... so in other words they developed this engine there's no way there will be only one game to run it. same reason why we have a trilogy to FF 13.