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Last Of Us, Uncharted Dev Confirms Standalone Multiplayer Game With More Details

Naughty Dog is hiring for a multiplayer game that has the "same level of ambition and quality" as its single-player games.


Years ago, Naughty Dog confirmed it was working on a new multiplayer game set in The Last of Us universe, and now some new details on the studio's first standalone multiplayer game have been revealed. VGC spotted new job ads at the studio that mention "Naughty Dog's newest adventure" and how its ambition is to apply the studio's focus on quality into the context of multiplayer.

"Embark on Naughty Dog's newest adventure--the studio's first standalone multiplayer game! We're seeking to bring the same level of ambition and quality of our signature, story-driven games to this unique multiplayer project," reads a line from a job ad for a gameplay scripter. "This is a rare opportunity to make an impact in your discipline and craft an experience that will be enjoyed and shared by millions of players around the world."

A job ad for level/environment designer for the multiplayer project includes the same description of the game.

Naughty Dog confirmed in 2019 that The Last of Us: Part II would not ship with a new version of the Factions multiplayer mode. Instead, Naughty Dog said at the time that it was creating a standalone multiplayer game in the Last of Us universe. These new job ads do not mention The Last of Us by name, however. More recently, Naughty Dog posted a job ad for an economy designer for the studio's new multiplayer game.

As for when Naughty Dog's new multiplayer game might be announced, that's anyone's guess. Sony/PlayStation is not attending E3, so an announcement would seemingly be in the works for sometime later.

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