Last Of Us TV Show Writer Confirms He Won't Change Ellie's Sexuality

Writer Craig Mazin has made a promise to fans of the PlayStation game.


On Twitter, Craig Mazin, the writer and producer of the The Last Of Us HBO show has confirmed that he will not be changing Ellie’s sexuality, much to the relief of fans.

Ellie’s sexuality has been a divisive issue among fans ever since it became apparent that Ellie was gay in the first DLC, Left Behind. Ellie's sexuality has been further confirmed by the marketing for the just-delayed The Last of Us Part II, with an early trailer showing her kissing another woman. Ellie is a rare example of a gay protagonist in a major AAA game, and Mazin clearly recognizes the importance of representing this in the series.

The feeling of being included in media is a big deal to those who have been marginalized in the past, ignoring that part of Ellie's character would be a shame.

Even beyond that, the society that exists in the Last Of Us world is a far stretch from our own. If The Last Of Us Part II and the HBO show normalize gay people within the new society being established, it would be a big deal. Even in the post-apocalypse anyone should be able to find love.

The Last Of Us was all about finding humanity in the little things, as Joel and Ellie would often cling to the small moments of relief and happiness among the chaos of misery and suffering the world had become. Enjoying a small, romantic moment during a brief minute of calm in their lives is very true to the source material. When you could be dead tomorrow, the characters must seize every moment they can. Hopefully, Craig Mazin will see things through.

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