Last Of Us TV Show First Image Released, As Naughty Dog Gives Update On Multiplayer Game

Naughty Dog celebrates The Last of Us Day with a few announcements.


As part of Naughty Dog's celebration of The Last of Us Day, game director Neil Druckmann shared the first image of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us TV show for HBO. The image shows Pascal (Joel) and Ramsey (Ellie) looking at a plane crash. Naughty Dog also provided an update on the long-awaited Last of Us multiplayer game.

"When I first saw them on set in full costume, I was like: "Hooooooly sh**! It's Joel & Ellie!!," Druckmann said of Pascal and Ramsey. "The HBO adaptation of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us is full steam ahead!"

Also in Druckmann's tweet, he teased that he "can't wait" to show fans more of the Last of Us TV show and Naughty Dog's other ongoing projects. One of these is the Last of Us multiplayer game.

The game remains in development, but Naughty Dog is not yet ready to show or discuss it.

"In short, we're working on it--we see the community comments as many of you clamor for multiplayer and want updates," the studio said in a blog post. "For now, we'll say that we love what the team is developing and want to give them time to build out their ambitious project, we'll reveal more when it's ready!"

Beyond the multiplayer game, Naughty Dog might make The Last of Us 3, or potentially a new IP, as its next game. In other news, a recent report said Naughty Dog is also working on a Last of Us remake for PS5.

Naughty Dog also announced a new $200 limited-edition Joel statue from Dark Horse Direct that you can preorder now through the link below.

There is no word yet on when the HBO Last of Us TV show will debut, but it's just one of the many TV shows and films in the works based on Sony properties. In fact, Sony has at least 10 of these projects in the works, one of which is a Twisted Metal TV show starring Anthony Mackie.

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