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Last Of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 9: Santa Barbara (All Collectibles, Spoiler-Free)

This is the final part of our complete, spoiler-free walkthrough of The Last of Us Part 2, taking you through every collectible, upgrade, and weapon in the game.


Warning: We've ensured that our walkthrough contains minimal spoilers so you can still enjoy the game even if you need help finding collectibles. However, if you want to know nothing about the game before playing, you should stop reading now. You can always consult this walkthrough when you play the game a second time and want to find everything.

Finally, we've reached the gripping conclusion of The Last of Us Part 2 in the final part of our complete, spoiler-free walkthrough. As always, we'll mark every collectible, story item, weapon, and upgrade--without spoiling the story or most of the encounters. Everything you need to know is below, but note that we're skipping any discussions of locations or details that won't help you find things you might miss, to avoid spoilers.

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Santa Barbara - 2425 Constance

As you head down the street, you'll see some infected gathering around 2418 Constance. Inside, check the bathroom for a note artifact about the Rattlers.

Pushing Inland

Before you leave the boat, check the counter for the Abby's Note artifact. Once you're up to the street, check the garage to your right, near the U-Move trailer, to find the Mansion Note artifact inside.

Continue on until you climb up onto the roof of a house and then go inside. Head to the right on the second floor to find a child's bedroom with the CBB-73 Trading Card on the desk.

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On the bottom floor, look for a Workbench in the kitchen. On the counter right next to it, you can grab the Runaway Warning artifact. Once you get out, stop by the police car and the guard rail beside it to get a Journal Entry.

Just ahead, you'll trigger a cutscene. At the end, you'll receive your final new weapon, the Silenced Submachine Gun.

From here, you'll face the Rattlers, a tough new enemy faction. Note that these guys wear riot helmets and body armor they've taken off police, so they're tougher to kill. You'll sometimes need more than one headshot to bring them down, although their necks are still vulnerable, and stealth kills are still effective.

In the next area, look for a blue van with a Rattlers symbol painted on the side to unlock a Journal Entry.

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As you follow the train tracks, you'll climb on top of a car to spot the resort. When you drop down, look for the concrete step to your left. Get on that and turn left to find a blood trail leading to a body and the Santa Barbara Slave Note artifact pinned up beside it.


You'll find a gap in the fence to get into the resort. Look for a Workbench in the wood workshop building just ahead. The Rattlers keep infected in their compound, which you can release to cause havoc by interacting with their chains.

The path forward takes you into the lighted hallway into the resort's main building. Look for a table with a stereo just inside on the right as you enter; just behind it is the Sparkthug Trading Card.

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Continue through the next area into another resort building, this one full of guest rooms. Take the big round staircase up and you should see a bed to your right with the Rattler's Letter Home artifact on the end table beside it.

That's it for collectibles and other items. There are a few more encounters ahead, as well as the conclusion of The Last of Us, which we won't spoil here. Good luck!

Once you complete the game, you'll unlock a New Game Plus mode, which allows you to replay the game with your weapons and upgrades. You'll need that mode to unlock all of the weapon upgrades and character upgrades necessary to get their corresponding Trophies. A complete game file also allows you to access the Chapter Select menu, which will show you any collectibles you've missed along the way.

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