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Last Of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 7: Seattle Day 2 (All Collectibles, Spoiler-Free)

Our complete, spoiler-free walkthrough of The Last of Us Part 2 takes you to Seattle Day 2 as we keep pushing through Naughty Dog's revenge tale.


Warning: We've ensured that our walkthrough contains minimal spoilers so you can still enjoy the game even if you need help finding collectibles. However, if you want to know nothing about the game before playing, you should stop reading now. You can always consult this walkthrough when you play the game a second time and want to find everything.

Our spoiler-free walkthrough for The Last of Us Part 2 continues below. We'll help you find every collectible, story item, weapon, and upgrade--while avoiding story spoilers as much as possible. Everything you need to know is below, but note that we're skipping any discussions of locations or details that won't help you find things you might miss, to avoid spoilers.

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There's tons of more coverage of The Last of Us Part 2 for your enjoyment now that the game is out, including the first part of this walkthrough and part 2. Check out our review of the game, a rundown on how to beat its two tough bosses, a huge list of Easter eggs you might have missed, and how to earn its three secret Trophies.

Seattle Day 2 - The Shortcut

After leaving the aquarium, continue until you hit a waterfall. To its right, you'll find a barbershop. Check by the cash register for the Nevada Coin.

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As you climb the waterfall, jump to the left when you hit a beam you can walk across to get through a hole into a kitchen, where you'll find supplements in a drawer.

Continue on into a destroyed apartment building. Look for the Survivor Plea artifact in front of the wrecked bedroom door.

Cross the highway overpass and jump down into another apartment. Check the table by the whiteboard for the Neighbor Exchange artifact. Look in the bedroom for a safe whose code is 30-23-04, which contains various supplies.

Before long you'll cross another rapid and enter a cellphone store. Check the body near the counter for the Scavenging List artifact. There's also a Workbench in the corner.

An optometry shop is next. Check the windowsill opposite the Westbrook Optix sign to find the Colorado Coin on it.

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Look for supplements in the drawer of the patient area. Keep climbing until you reach the skybridges. When you enter the internet company (you'll know it by all the computers), check the table on the right of the room you use to go around a big hole in the floor for the Seraphite Truce artifact.

Push on until you see the Prophet Shrine. In the next room, you'll find a Workbench and some supplements.

After taking the elevator, look for the Seraphite Orders artifact tacked to the wall by the archway.

The Descent

You'll wind up in the pool of a hotel. Swim down to the filter to grab the Illinois Coin from the bottom.

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Work through the gym to the front of the area and find your way to the cafe called Orchards. Check the back room to find the Gym Safe Combo artifact. There's a safe in the storage room in front of the front desk near the gym entrance. Use the code 12-18-79 to open it and get supplements and other supplies. When you open the door to the stairs, you'll get the FEDRA Orders artifact.

Ahead, hop over the couch into the hotel room and check the drawers for supplements before continuing through the crack in the wall near the staircase door. When you slide down to the lower level, go through the hole in the wall near where you land to find a body with the FEDRA Final Note artifact.

Keep moving through the destroyed hotel. You'll eventually come to a doorway where you can drop down; instead, slip through a bathroom door and cross a beam to where a FEDRA body lays. There, you can grab the Flamethrower weapon. Then go back and drop down to the lower level.

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You'll soon see a shambler. After dealing with it, cross the beam to the next room to where you'll need to jump a gap to reach the floor below. When you land, turn around and jump the gap to the room behind you. Check the shelf on the right for the Oregon Coin.

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When you drop to the level with daylight, check the bedroom right behind where you land for supplements. Pass the next area and exit into the elevator shaft. When you jump down, smash the vending machine on the other side of the elevator door to your left to release the Wisconsin Coin into the coin return slot.

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When you get outside onto the big outdoor patio, jump the bar in the center. At one end, near the opening that lets you get behind the bar, check underneath for the Rhode Island Coin.

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You'll have to swim to make it to the hospital. Once you're through the gate, turn right and walk through the broken window into the building with the hardwood floor hallway. At the end is the Missouri Coin on the ground.

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Hospital - Ground Zero

You'll be led down through the hospital toward a glass hallway. Before you enter it, look for a counter to the left of the door. Go behind it to a cash register to grab the Washington Coin.

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Once you're on your own in the oncology department, head through the door to a room where you can see down to the floor below. There are stairs ahead; to the right of them, you can crawl under a barricade into another room with a couple of bodies. Check the one up against the cabinets near the sink for the Annex Letter artifact.

At the bottom of the stairs, drop down onto the crates below. Turn left to find the chapel; on the altar toward the front is the Chapel Note artifact. Back in the main room, go around the crates to the right to find a leather bag next to a body that contains the Soldier's Letter artifact.

Head into the ER. Past the red-walled ambulance area, you can break a glass window to get into one of the rooms to find the Patient's Note artifact on a gurney.

Push on into the Recovery ward ahead. Check the room at the end of the hall on the left for the Doctor's Note artifact on the counter. Climbing through the hole in the wall will lead you to the Electrical Room, where you'll also find a Workbench.

Boss Fight - Giant Infected

This thing is pretty similar to a Bloater--it'll charge you and kill you if it can grab hold of you, and it'll barrel through walls to come after you. It can also throw explosive objects at you, so you'll need to be careful, but the creature's biggest danger is that it'll keep coming for you.

The area where the fight takes place is the real enemy here, because it's easy to get boxed into a corner, lose track of where you are, and get run down and murdered. It's dark and murky throughout, making it tough to spot doors, ledges, holes, and windows you can move through, but playing keep-away from the boss is essential. This thing will take a ton of punishment to bring down, so your most important goal is to keep your distance so you can protect yourself, do some damage, and craft items you need whenever possible.

Often the best way to deal with the boss is to find a spot where there's a central pillar or object you can move around, forcing the boss to circle with you. You might not do a lot of damage during these portions, but you'll be able to stay out of danger and plot your next move. It'll take a lot of damage to kill the boss, so focus on staying alive and managing space first and foremost; you're not going to bring it down by shooting it a bunch before it gets to you.

Go for high-damage weapons for this fight: pipe bombs, your shotgun (and its incendiary rounds), and the Hunting Pistol are all good bets, while you can save your other weapons for when ammo is low. The Flamethrower works too, but its shorter range means you'll need to let the boss get close before you use it, and it won't slow him down any. You'll find lots of gear scattered around the area if you need it, but since it'll often push you into corners, make sure you have lots of room to maneuver before going for it.

Do enough damage and a smaller Stalker boss will peel off from the larger creature, forcing you to fight two creatures at once. Keep an eye out for this guy but don't worry about doing a ton of damage to him--if you hurt the large boss enough, you'll win this portion of the fight. Shoot the Stalker when it comes after you to force it to leave, but watch out that it doesn't tangle you up and make you vulnerable to being one-shotted by the larger boss. Keeping shivs on-hand will make getting away easier.

Keep running and dealing damage until the big boss finally goes down. The Stalker will have escaped, forcing you to find and kill it in the next area of the hospital, the morgue. Though the Stalker is dangerous, it's not nearly as deadly as the big boss, and your experience fighting other versions of this enemy will come into play here. Use the strongest guns you have left to wallop it, and if you need to, try to get away so you can go into stealth and resume the fight on your terms. When the battle is over, you'll be able to exit into the parking garage.

Parking Garage

You'll enter a new section of the parking garage next. Head to the left from the door and look for a security booth. Break the window and you can grab the Hawaii Coin from inside.

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Continue with Part 8.

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