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Last Of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 6: The Park, Seattle Day 1 (All Collectibles, Spoiler-Free)

We've hit the midpoint of The Last of Us Part 2--continue on with our spoiler-free walkthrough in Seattle Day 1.


Warning: We've ensured that our walkthrough contains minimal spoilers so you can still enjoy the game even if you need help finding collectibles. However, if you want to know nothing about the game before playing, you should stop reading now. You can always consult this walkthrough when you play the game a second time and want to find everything.

Our spoiler-free walkthrough for The Last of Us Part 2 continues below at the game's midpoint. We'll help you find every collectible, story item, weapon, and upgrade--without spoiling the story or any encounters. Everything you need to know is below, but note that we're skipping any discussions of locations or details that won't help you find things you might miss, to avoid spoilers. We'll also avoid blowing surprises and scares in encounters, so you can figure out how to deal with those on your own.

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There's tons of more coverage of The Last of Us Part 2 for your enjoyment now that the game is out, including the first part of this walkthrough and part 2. Check out our review of the game, a rundown on how to beat its two tough bosses, a huge list of Easter eggs you might have missed, and how to earn its three secret Trophies.

Four Years Earlier - The Park

Move through the woods until you see a gazebo. Check the bench beneath for Zoo Holiday Brochure artifact.

Break the window in the bathroom to get into the fenced area beside it. When you grab the dumpster, you'll find a Virginia Coin.

Seattle Day 1 - The Stadium

After leaving the apartment, turn left and look on the ground to find the Alaska Coin.

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Keep moving until you find a big concrete staircase leading down; when you hit the area where people are washing laundry, walk across the next staircase to the other side and find the Maine Coin on a bench.

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Once you're past the dog kennel, walk past the guard with their feet up on a desk, toward the door, and look along the right edge of the walkway to find the New Jersey Coin.

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Ahead, you'll pass through a shooting range. Just past it, turn left and look in the locker beside the door for the Vermont Coin.

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On Foot

Hardware Store

As soon as you enter the store, turn to your right and look for a low gray table with two folding chairs beside it. On it, you'll find the Kentucky Coin.

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Push through the barricaded door to reach the checkout counters. On the counter of the farthest one from the entrance, you'll find the Massachusetts Coin.

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You'll drop into the boat shop from the roof next. Look for supplements on the shelves. Once the vending machine is out of the way of the other door, go through to find a Workbench. Find some supplements at the top of the nearby stairs.

Once the door is open to the second floor, find the ladder on the catwalk near the boat. Stand it up against the wall beside where you find it to climb up onto the roof of the room you just passed through. You'll find a card table there with the Ohio Coin on it. Use the ladder to make a bridge to the boat; inside the cabin is the Covert Ops Training Manual.

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Back outside the boat shop, break the window on the side of the portable building to get inside and find the Indiana Coin on the desk.

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Across from it is the WLF Gun Cache Note artifact. You'll find the safe it's referring to in the concrete building across from it. Look for a hole in the wall near the fence. The combination is 17-38-07--inside, you'll find ammo and the Hunting Pistol weapon.

Hotel - The Forward Base

After getting out of the truck, look for a group of soldiers talking and standing beside a railing. Go up on the concrete behind the railing beside them to find the California Coin.

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Through the gate from the parking lot, turn left and instead of approaching the tent ahead, go left of it around to a dead end of portable toilets. On a crate on your left is the New Mexico Coin.

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As you approach the hotel, check one of the tents to find a Workbench. When you get inside after passing through the medical tent, check the long table to the left of the entrance to find the South Carolina Coin.

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On the table along the right wall before you turn into the longer hallway, find the WLF Interrogator Letter artifact.

3 Years Earlier - The Aquarium

As you enter the big round room, look for the door marked "Max's Place." You'll find a note artifact pinned to the wall beside it. Find another note artifact on the body in the cafe on the second floor.

Seattle Day 1 - Hostile Territory

Head into the apartment and check the bathroom for supplements. Open the closed door before dropping down through the floor to find a note in a drawer--it's not an artifact, but it does trigger a fun moment.

Keep moving until you hear a comment about the smell. Instead of going down the stairs and into Tang Fabrics & Imports ahead, look for a window up to your left that you can climb in; you'll find a body inside with the Scar Suicide Note artifact on it. Moving on, you'll have to climb onto an RV to reach an open window. Inside, check the drawer of a dresser for the North Dakota Coin.

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In the bathroom you'll find some supplements. There are even more in the guard tower you'll reach just ahead when you jump across to the wall. Further on, when you see the Seraphite mural, duck into the window on the left side to enter a basement with some more supplements.

You'll clear some infected next. Once you're out of the building, check the storefronts on your left in the alley. The pharmacy has supplements, and you can reach the second floor of the building through the Red Dragon bar. At the top, jump across and turn right to go up the stairs to the roof, where you'll find a body with the Plea to Seraphite Prophet artifact on it. Back downstairs, check the room left of where you jumped across, which has a hole in the floor. Before you drop down, grab the Jasmine Bakery Safe artifact on the shelf on the left and the Strange Relic artifact on the desk to the right, which unlocks the Relic of the Sages Trophy.

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Drop through the hole in the floor on the level below and check behind the counter to find the Double Barrel Shotgun weapon. Break the glass of the bakery to get inside and find a safe, whose code is 68-96-89, to get the Close Quarters Training Manual and some supplements.

The next area is called Martyr's Gate. Check the sides of the truck to find four Serphite Prayer to the Prophet artifacts--Respect, Steed, Pairing, and Prosperity. On the ground on the left side of the truck is the Prayer for Victory artifact. Inside is the Peace Prayer artifact. Inside the building to the right of the gate is the WLF Soldier Meets Prophet Letter artifact. The back room contains a Short Gun Holster.

After going through the destroyed building, you'll come on a Scar camp. There's a Workbench here, as well as the Letter from Seraphite Father to Son artifact on the table.

You'll soon trigger another flashback, the chapter Winter Visit. If you can manage to knock down all the targets with the toy bow during the chapter, you can unlock the Put My Name Up Trophy.

The Forest

You'll soon come to a garage. Find a Workbench against the back wall. Head through the door on the side of the room and turn right to access the front office and find the Firearms Field Manual.

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There are also supplements in the drawer below the manual. The break room table next to the office has the Failed Truce artifact. There are also supplements in the break room cabinets.

Outside of the auto store, climb the stairs to an abandoned building. Bear left to find an office with supplements inside.

The Coast

Once you make it to the shipping yard, continue over the fence and enter the building beyond to find a Workbench. Check the office to the left in the room just beyond to find a Long Gun Holster and supplements.

Past the cargo yard, you'll climb up a ramp onto an underpass. Head up toward the crashed cars and dead end, away from the ferris wheel, to find a body and the Alabama Coin.

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Ahead, you'll enter a crashed ferry. Check the first room on the right that you come to for the Infirmary Note artifact. There are also supplements beside one of the bodies. Cross through the hold and open the door at the top of the stairs to find the Crossbow weapon. Head to the end of the deck right ahead to find supplements and the Mutiny Note artifact.

At the top of the stairs, open the door to find a storage room with supplements inside. Cross to the other side of the ferry and turn right to walk to the end of that deck, where you'll find the West Virginia Coin beside a teddy bear.

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When you head outside onto the sun deck, turn left at the top of the stairs to reach the back of the boat, where you'll find a safe. Use the code 90-77-01 to get Ordinance Training Manual from inside, along with ammo and supplements.

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Push up to the bridge of the ferry to find a body with the Ferry Log artifact. Climb the ladder to the top of the bridge, but don't jump off just yet; instead, do a 180 and check behind the metal crow's nest stand on the other side of the hole you just exited to find the Utah Coin.

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As you approach the Aquarium, jump into the fountain to find the Mississippi Coin.

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Continue with Part 7.

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