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Last Of Us 2 Walkthrough - Part 1: Jackson (All Collectibles, Spoiler-Free)

Find every weapon, upgrade, collectible, journal entry, and note hidden in The Last of Us Part 2--but don't worry, there are no story spoilers here.


Warning: We've ensured that our walkthrough contains minimal spoilers so you can still enjoy the game even if you need help finding collectibles. However, if you want to know nothing about the game before playing, you should stop reading now. You can always consult this walkthrough when you play the game a second time and want to find everything.

Like its predecessor, The Last of Us Part 2 will have you scavenging through its post-apocalyptic world to craft weapons and supplies, protect yourself against enemies, and uncover the story of the people who've come and gone before you. There's a lot to uncover in The Last of Us 2 that will expand on the story and further explore the universe, give you new fighting capabilities and weapons, and unlock Trophies. The most-dedicated players should take plenty of time to complete each area before progressing.

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We've found everything there is to find in The Last of Us Part 2, and compiled it here in an extensive walkthrough. But while we'll tell you where to find everything in the game, we won't spoil the story or give you too much information. Scavenging for most materials and dealing with enemies is up to you, and we'll skip talking about areas or encounters that don't include things you could miss in order to avoid spoilers. We'll also try to avoid revealing any scares or other surprises along the way.

There are tons of more coverage of The Last of Us Part 2 for your enjoyment now that the game is out. We recommend bookmarking our The Last of Us Part II guide roundup, which we will keep updated with the latest walkthroughs and guides as they get published. Be mindful of the spoiler block text in the list below, as the names for Parts 6 through 9 can be considered spoilers for early players.

Jackson - Waking Up

Follow Jesse until you go through a garden gate. Keep on the path to the left and keep going around the wooden porch of the blue building to the left. You'll see a corkboard hanging on the wall, which has the Seismicayla Trading Card on it.

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Keep up with Jesse, past the dog, until the road is blocked by a cart hauling logs, before you open a door to another building. Go around it on the right side of the log cart to find a table with the Volunteer Request artifact.

After getting the sandwiches, before you leave the bar, turn left and walk to the back of the room. Look left to grab the Keene Twins Trading Card off a barrel.

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The Overlook

You'll start out leaving the mansion from the garage, then head into the woods. Keep moving along the path past the portion where you skirt a narrow cliff, until you have to crawl under a house to get out. When you get out from underneath, turn around and hop back through the house. Head through the house into the living room to find a Note artifact on the table.


You'll get a prompt to look over the railing at the first lookout point with Dina. Take in the view, but after you release the rail, linger for a second near it to activate a Journal Entry.

Climb into the second story of the burned-out house. Open the drawer to the right of the bed to find A Note to Santa artifact. Supplements in the bathroom.

Climb up to the second story of the blue house to find a Tesseracter Trading Card on the shelf.

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Up ahead, you'll enter some buildings chasing some infected that killed a moose. After dropping the first one, you'll hit a locked door next to a window. Climb out the door and go to your right to find a window you can climb into to get into the bathroom. Find supplements on the sink.

Clear the hunting shop, then climb onto the mail truck to get to the supermarket. After crawling under the semi, go through the door into the loading dock and into the container to find the Supermarket Apology artifact and some supplements.

Inside the supermarket after donning your mask, slip through the wall on the right. Open the door just beyond to find an office with a Safe. Find the Goodboy Combo artifact on the desk beside it. The combination is 07-20-13.

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The Library

In the library, get Eugene's Firefly pendant artifact off the bulletin board before you open the door to move on.

As you go through the next door, look to Ellie's right for a stuffed giraffe. Approach it and you'll be able to make a Journal Entry. From the giraffe, look in the storage room in the back left of the area to find the Laurent Faucalt, CEO SPARK Trading Card.

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Check the table across from the bed for the Photo of Eugene and Tommy artifact. Look in the drawer beside the bed for the Eugene's Ultimatum artifact.

In Joel's house, check the kitchen for a mug with an owl on it to unlock a Journal Entry. Upstairs, look in the first room with the guitars for another Journal Entry by interacting with the guitar on the table.

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