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Last Epoch Classes: What's The Best Class To Pick?

There are several different classes to choose from when you start your journey in Last Epoch, but which is the most beginner-friendly?


There ae several different classes to choose from when you make a character in Last Epoch, and it can be overwhelming to pick one at first. This goes double for any beginners out there, as you likely have no idea what classes are the easiest to master. If you're looking for some help in that area, you can check out the guide below to see a list of every class in Last Epoch and my picks for the best overall starting classes.

All classes in Last Epoch

Before you decide on a class, you might be curious to see a list of every available one in the game:

  • Primalist
  • Mage
  • Rogue
  • Acolyte
  • Sentinel

Each class also has three different Masteries, which give you access to unique skills and can completely change your playstyle depending on which one you pick. Be careful, though, as you're not allowed to change your Mastery once you select it in Last Epoch.

Best class in Last Epoch

Since the class system in Last Epoch is so diverse, I'm going to offer three different starting classes you should choose as a beginner. All of these classes are extremely beginner-friendly and don't require any complex building or in-depth knowledge to play. However, as you progress in Last Epoch, these classes are still deep enough for you to get your money's worth out of them for an entire campaign run.


Last Epoch Mage
Last Epoch Mage

I'm starting off with the Mage, which is a classic ARPG class that fans of the genre likely already know about. The Mage in Last Epoch works extremely similarly to wizard classes from other ARPGs, featuring access to a variety of spells, not too much HP, and a variety of playstyles. More specifically, you can run three distinct playstyles depending on what Mage Mastery you choose, as they all allow you to deal damage in different ways.

With the Mage, you can use your spells to deal a ton of damage to enemies, you don't have to get too close to enemies if you don't want to, and you can usually coast through most boss fights by intermittently casting spells and dodging any attacks.


Last Epoch Sentinel
Last Epoch Sentinel

Next up, I have the Sentinel, which is perhaps the most versatile class and gives you access to a ton of health right off the bat, making your chances of dying even slimmer. More specifically, though, I recommend going with the Paladin Mastery on your Sentinel, which opens you up to dozens of build possibilities.

You can truly build your Paladin however you want in Last Epoch, as there are build options for melee, spell-casting, and ranged combat. If you're brand new to Last Epoch or ARPGs in general, I highly suggest checking out the Sentinel Paladin first, as you can completely experiment with it and see what kind of playstyle you prefer. You'll have to wait until level 17 to pick the Paladin Mastery, however, so use that time to learn the Sentinel class as a whole.


Last Epoch Rogue
Last Epoch Rogue

Finally, there's the Rogue. While traditionally the Rogue has been tougher to play as in ARPGs, it's fairly beginner-friendly in Last Epoch. As you might expect, the Rogue specializes in both ranged and close-range melee combat with a knack for sneaking around enemies. I would suggest mostly using the Rogue's ranged proficiency at first, which keeps you away from enemies, and eventually come around to dealing damage up close when you're more comfortable.

Fortunately, if you do find yourself in a sticky situation, the Rogue has plenty of ways to get away from enemies, including a smokescreen. You can also deal passive damage to enemies over time by using poison attacks. Any of the Rogue Masteries are solid, so you can pick the one that most suits your preferred playstyle.

And those are my picks for the best three starting classes in Last Epoch. The beauty of this game is the freedom it offers you, though, so choose whatever class you think you'll feel comfortable with and roll from there. You can always make a new character with a different class if you ever want to try out something else.

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